HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Current Version: 50.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 43.69 MB
  • Developer: WarnerMedia
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 277


HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals. Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. You’ll have unlimited access to all of HBO, together with even more favorites from Sesame Workshop, DC, Warner Bros., and more. More reasons to love HBO Max: Thousands of hours of hit movies, addictive series, and exclusive Max Originals. A personalized streaming experience for up to five viewer profiles. Collections hand-picked by real humans — not robots. Download top titles to watch on your favorite devices anywhere you go. A curated kids’ experience that grows along with their interests. HBO Max Hubs devoted to your favorite fandoms. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. HBO Max is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max™ is used under license. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Manage sharing your data at:



  • I upgraded their rating!

    By 1 Hot RN
    My initial rating got upgraded from one star to five when they made it accessible to those of us paying for traditional HBO through a cable subscription. Thank you HBO. They have a nice selection of stuff to watch, some of which really surprised me.
  • Junk design

    By jk1212
    just start over from scratch it couldn’t be any worse
  • Unable to cast

    By Argodabar
    I am unable to cast to my TV like I am with all my other streaming apps
  • Still no surround sound.

    By Ken$$$$
    I wish I never switched from HBO now to this. The sound is awful and is not in 5.1 like advertised. It’s 2020 and no 4K. I am not sure how they added more content and somehow made it feel like there was less to watch. I think I’m moving on. Maybe I’ve watched enough TV.
  • You had to pay for every movie it was very disappointing

    By Piggle3456
    Very upset
  • Constantly buffering

    By Cres Gardner
    No matter what tv I use. No other apps have this issue. We have fiber internet and no connectivity issues.
  • My experience with hbo max

    By metalheadjoshie
    When I was watching the first episode of Close Enough the audio is being delayed at least by a second off, like it’s not in sync with the show.
  • Sound quality

    By Hiro makumari
    Sound quality is so bad can you guys fix that
  • Hard to use

    By FriendlyLJK
    Excited by content, but frustrated by the app itself.
  • Downloaded movies use data

    By Yfcyfcgy
    While attempting to watch a downloaded movie I used a couple of GB of data. The movie was downloaded completely and I selected it from the downloaded menu.
  • Can’t stream to my television

    By angrypothead420420420
    If you have Roku or Amazon Fire stick and you plan on trying to use HBOMAX, SAVE YOUR MONEY!! The app has been out for two months and I can’t use it on anything but my laptop and phone. Who wants to watch TV on their phone????? Not me. I’ll be waiting for HBOMAX to hurry up and release to Roku. Until then, they won’t get a dime from me.
  • This a useless app

    By maverik7019
    If you pay a subscription through Comcast, which is cheaper, of course you are able to view the program your TV, like you supposed to. But with this app you pay $15/month for the subscription, you are not able to watch on the TV if you connect your phone Mmmmm, make sense??? I think who ever about this model, should think again My subscription will be canceled as fast as the download
  • Do Not Subscribe

    By Brutalion
    The concept is great but you can’t watch any of the shows on TV. The app is not available on any of my smart TVs. It’s only available on my handheld devices. That’s not how I want to watch TV. I’m cancelling my subscription. I thought it was a great concept but it turns out it’s a waste of money since it’s not practical.
  • Essentially a Beta release

    By emb4773205
    Sharp looking UI but lacking in the most rudimentary of streaming app functionality. Such is the nature of mobile app development nowadays, even amongst blue chip companies. Still, I had high expectations for HBO.
  • No screenshots =No subscription

    By Vtlynch
    It’s insane that these companies treat everything like it’s top secret now. I wanna be able to screenshot a frame I like. I’m not paying $15 a month so you can treat me like I’m in prison while watching. Allow screenshots if you ever want this customer to come back.
  • Incapable of retaining data

    By Xyxgy2
    I hate this app with the burning rage of 1000 suns. Tried to download a movie for a flight, it errored out at 99%. Tried to download the same movie for my return flight home, succeeded... and the app lost it like I had never downloaded it. Garbage. In the modern era with a million choices streaming apps, get literally any other app if you want to actually watch things.
  • Offline use

    By Michael05512
    I love the app and content. But there’s the issue of when I download and go to work where I don’t have phone service. It get error codes and can’t access my downloads. When I reconnect I have to sign back in every time. But when I go offline the issuer repeats
  • I love the content but....

    By christopher terry jr
    I really appreciate them for growing the content but things they are doing that are going to kill this app 1. The user interface: the user interface isn’t appealing it’s basically HBO NOW with a different color scheme and more content my child doesn’t like using it because it doesn’t look as nice as other apps like (Disney plus, Netflix , Hulu etc ) they need to figure out start over from scratch like Hulu which had a similar design initially and now it’s more user friendly which this app could benefit from HBO has great content a better UI would result in Millions more downloads I feel just from word of mouth) 2. The Revolving Door policy when it comes to content: no one wants curated lists....Disney plus is doing so well with Disney Plus because they are making ALL of the content they have streaming rights too available to their subscribers. Seems ATT has too many hand and too many thing and conflicting interests and it comes across clear when you have new line and Warner films which are owned by Warnermedia set as timed exclusives. New flash people like consistency and timed exclusives doesn’t scream consistent look at Disney pluses “through the years” category which literally breaks down every Disney film from the early 1900s til now it’s efficient and helps people who are nostalgic go back and look at older things that Disney has done Warner has been around just as long you should have a similar option for subscribers and stop dividing your content or this will never be as big as the other streaming giants
  • No español

    By yunito1983
    Tiene mil errores desde que no se puede ver en Roku desde un pésimo Atencion al cliente de que no se puede ver Audio en español si para este mes no arreglan el problema de audio en español pues cancelo el servicio pues si los latinos no somos de su Interés pues quédense solamente con el mercado anglosajón
  • Like the app, and the content, but...

    By Salvatore Tanelli
    Why is HBO Max not on Roku? If I didn’t get this through my cable package, I would 100% cancel. I used to be able to watch Friends on Roku (Netflix), can’t do that anymore. Used to be able to watch South Park on Roku (Hulu), can’t do that.
  • Can’t unsubscribe

    By Woo pity Woop
    I signed up for HBO Now not HBO Max, which isn’t viewable on my Apple TV, yet I Lee getting charged and there’s no way to unsubscribe through I tunes or elsewhere. Please refund the past two months. And turn off auto subscriptions
  • It’s too expensive

    By ,msnsmxmx
    I’d appreciate it if you make it cheap so more people would get it do you think people are going to pay $14 a month I asked my mom and she said no
  • Sap

    By lookingforhelp1978
    I will love to have the option to watch all the shows and movies in Spanish.
  • Terrible app

    By canyoumakethismoredifficult
    Can’t sign in with att unlimited hbo account and can’t sign in with paid hbo now account. App is garbage. Fix it.
  • Meh

    By nittant
    Was super stoked to get this but very disappointed. There’s no volume when watching any of the shows.
  • Content great app not so much

    By jmoe1340
    I love having access to my favorite shows, but there’s a lot about the app itself I don’t like. First of all I’ve been experiencing problems with signing in on my Apple TV. Also I would like to be able to skip the intro to shows like friends.
  • Won’t even open up

    By Grhdbfgu
    It has all the potential of being my next favorite streaming service but for some reason, when I leave the app and go back in later there’s some sort of connection error. At first I thought it was just my connection but all my apps work perfectly fine, I’ve tried re-downloading only for it to work for a bit before acting up again after I close out the app and go back in later on.
  • Awful

    By kait113
    It does not work! Every single tome I try to long onto another device it always says it’s having trouble connecting and it will not let me in!! I have reset the password already and I don’t know why it’s doing this
  • This is horrible

    By rizintyde
    I can’t even log on. I’ve tried using my old hbo now password and log in, Nope. AT&T log in, nope. Resetting my password, nothing has been sent to my email yet so I guess that doesn’t work either. It even asked to verify my account by going to aT&T, when I click the link it provides it just refreshes back to the same page. The transition should never be this difficult and frustrating. I’m giving up tonight, maybe there’ll be an email to reset my password when I wake up in the morning.
  • Bad

    By messa10
    The cast keeps crashing. It is very hectic to remove it from cast and cast again and again and again. Also, there are only very few interesting materials here. Only here because of friends and big bang Not finding it worth the money. If you want to keep up with other apps like Netflix your content needs to be worth the money and app needs to be worth downloading. I may sound harsh but that’s the fact. Hope you improve and I hope I would be back to write good reviews.
  • It needs work

    By austinbnsacnow
    It’s not acceptable with voice-over, please fix that?
  • HBO is a joke now

    By Joeandsummer
    HBO now is going away. No heads up still confused. No access on fire tv. No thanks then I’ll subscribe to starz. AT&T is ruining what was such a great app and platform.
  • Broken terrible update

    By Dw4321
    I buy hbo via amazon and they totally broke the hbo app so I can only watch via the amazon app. Why do you break stuff for no reason???
  • Could use more content, but loving it 📺

    By AfflictionKing
    When I saw this app being announced, I wasn’t onboard on getting it. But when I saw this tweet from Cartoon Network that there were bringing some classics, I had to at least give it a try. So I downloaded, scroll through everything and I was like wowed on the contents from Cartoon Network, adult swim, crunchy roll, DC comics, and so on... it was like ultimate app to have if you’re a 90’s baby lol. My only minor complaint is that there’s not that much content from Cartoon Network like: Ed, Edd, n Eddy, the grim adventure of Billy & Mandy, courage the cowardly dog and so on.. same goes from some the other channels.... which was actually the very reason I decided to get it, since those shows were being teased in. But I understand could be some licensing thing and I do hope more and more content could be added. I am enjoying this and can’t wait for Harley Quinn
  • Very disappointed and p”$$//

    By Ms.Spegal
    I have enjoyed hbo now for soooooo long and so happy I didn’t have to buy my GOT collection cuz I had it on there ... but now with the update to MAX i no longer have access ... I seriously have a vizio quantum x m series smart tv ultra hd 4K 1080. And it doesn’t have the app but it advertised it... I went onto my phone where I used to have the app that is now hbo max that updated its self. I tried to make an account to only find out my stuff jus automatically transfers and I will still have auto payments come out of account ... okay okay cool .. I try to log in only to say that my my password was wrong I try one more time says I can’t and that I was unable to use the app cuz of my provider .... I have an iPhone 11 Pro .... are u serious !? So I got mad I went to go unsubscribe but I needed my password so I went to change it on safari only to show I can’t cuz of it being unavailable at this time and my provider doesn’t support hbo max or what ever so I can’t even unsubscribe. While you guys steal my money and lose all ur customers ... jus really poor business clearly it wasn’t ready to be released.... too many bugs too many glitches you can’t even let them get their money back ... I’m so disappointed I enjoyed my shows but with my brand new electronics ... some how the don’t support hbo max .... [email protected]@$! Bs.
  • Missed timing of a show

    By Darren Sengphachanh
    I really like the streaming service and all but For some reason I try watching a show I’ve been waiting to come out for 2 whole years (close enough) and it was an awesome experience. Tho I have a problem with a sound error where the voices don’t match the frame of the video. But that’s okay. I’ll try another time
  • No use, if you have a Roku :(

    By Earthgirl457
    I can’t use HBO Max because pay for it through my Roku steaming device. I was really looking forward to using this app but it just brought me disappointment.
  • Why so clunky?

    By modiddly20
    The actual streaming is fine which is the most important part. However, the navigation is by far the craziest thing ever. When you are in the middle of an episode and you back out it doesn’t take you to the rest of the episodes in the series and then you have to search for the series again in the search bar. What? Additionally when you download an episode and you navigate to that episode we are the standard search bar and click play, it tries to stream it rather than going to the downloaded episode.You can tell this happens because it gives you a cellular data warning even though the show is downloaded.
  • HBO is slacking

    By Nightliker
    Where to start? Since HBO doesn’t take feedback (or ever respond if you figure out how to contact them), I guess bad reviews is my only option. They have the worst closed captioning of any service. Weekly shows like Last Week Tonight are still spitting out text well into the next scene. It’s completely unwatchable. This is crappy for parents who need quiet and for the hearing impaired. They don’t care. This is the only streaming service that will NOT allow you to use the phone to input search terms, so you have to use their stupid horizontal alphabet to discreetly enter each. letter. Individually. Which means searching for anything take approximately 16 times longer than it should. You can’t use the arrow keys on an ipad pro keyboard (or any keyboard) to fast forward or rewind You can’t use the space bar to pause Right now I’m watching a brand new, HBO MAX cartoon and the entire 2nd episode does not have audio synced correctly. It really seems like heads need to roll at quality control. I have loved HBO since I was 6 (in 1986). I’m super stoked about the Studio Ghibli partnership. I want them to do better. Please?
  • Can’t even sign in

    By 2real4games
    This app has a glitch, when I log into my provider and it sends me a one time password, then I enter that it keeps taking me back to choose your provider screen. Annoying
  • Trouble signing in

    By iallum
    Frustrated I’m unable to sign in using my tv provider. Keeps telling me it’s unable to verify my subscription. My provider says it’s all good on their end.
  • Been trying to cancel my subscription

    By poetekwarrior73
    Been trying to cancel my subscription because I initially was trying to use the free trial and see if it was something I’s not and I was charged 16.00 anyway now I’m still trying to cancel it before next month because I don’t want to lose more hard earned money for something I don’t need or want!
  • Ads

    By Pro_Bro_gamer
    All the ads like the random pop in og award winning series is unnecessarily stupid and I only got it because South Park was taken off Hulu thanks guys real dirty trick
  • Roku Support

    By DJoe89
    I like the content, but the fatigue from having to watch the shows I like on a iPad forced me to end my subscription. I’m not an “on the go” viewer unless I’m traveling, so not having the ability to stream the contents of this app on a larger screen eventually became unbearable.

    By #1gleeks
    Whenever I try to login on my Apple TV 4K and IPhone, it says “wrong password and/or ID care code 201” It’s only Apple products that I can’t log into. My password and email works perfectly fine on all NON-APPLE products. What’s going on Apple?? I can log into my Samsung tv with no issues whatsoever. I have DirecTV. I JUST WANT TO LOG INTO AN APPLE DEVICE AND ENJOY WATCHING HBOMAX ON APPLE DEVICES
  • Glitching

    By RavenBrielle23
    Was hoping the new HBO app wouldn’t glitch like the old one but it has constant glitches and shows this static green screen every so often when watching any show.
  • Terrible...

    By jccc08
    As much as I want to love this app it’s terrible. I’m only able to watch one episode of a show before it goes to buffering. Other days the show plays but without audio.
  • Previous HBONOW customer can not access HBOMax

    By ClassicThoughts10298
    This is terrible. I’ve had HBO for years and suddenly now that the platform has changed to HBOMax I can’t watch shows on my phone unless I log onto my laptop and got to HBONOW ? Why am I paying 14.99 for access I can’t receive? Fix this immediately !
  • Cannot Download the App

    By IndieJuls
    For some reason, HBO Max is the only app I cannot download on my iPhone (and yes, I have enough storage space to download it). It also won’t let me use it on my mobile browser. So basically, I’m paying for a service I can only access from my computer.