HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Current Version: 50.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 48.51 MB
  • Developer: WarnerMedia
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 698


HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals. Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. You’ll have unlimited access to all of HBO, together with even more favorites from Sesame Workshop, DC, Warner Bros., and more. More reasons to love HBO Max: Thousands of hours of hit movies, addictive series, and exclusive Max Originals. A personalized streaming experience for up to five viewer profiles. Collections hand-picked by real humans — not robots. Download top titles to watch on your favorite devices anywhere you go. A curated kids’ experience that grows along with their interests. HBO Max Hubs devoted to your favorite fandoms. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. HBO Max is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max™ is used under license. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Manage sharing your data at:



  • Unfortunate.

    By DasNeko08
    I couldn’t cancel my subscription through an online platform. In able to cancel my subscription I had to download the app and do it through there because going online and trying to sign in would redirect me straight to the App Store. Definitely an unnecessary and annoying step. Then I log onto there only to be redirected back to the webpage I was originally trying to access to cancel my subscription. Which doesn’t really make any sense to me and honestly was very inconvenient and annoying.
  • Getting error

    I installed app on my iPhone the other day. I was able to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. However , I all of a sudden got the following error: service code H-60d0d0e-e724-430 b-e8d8-852c0517a5c1 This has been going on for a few days now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on my phone. I got the same error when attempting to download the app on my Samsung TV. I don’t find anything online on how to resolve this error or what it means. Any Developer advice would be welcome.
  • Cancelación nula

    By ____jan____
    Es muy buena pero se me hace muy difícil poder cancelar la membresía y la información que provee para poder cancelarla no me funciona.
  • Glitchy when logging in

    By honstrevew
    So if you try to log in hbo max on iOS devices it will freeze up and give you an error code and won’t allow ANYONE TO LOG IN ALL WHILE I PAY 15$ a month I’m stuck on a loading screen with no reason why this is happening ! Developer needs help with this app someone get them some help!
  • Great Content but Bad App/Website

    By DestineeSinclair
    I love HBO movies and TV Shows however I have had numerous issues with the apps across all different devices. The app won’t load majority of times and when it finally does it sometimes won’t register I am taping on my profile. (I know this is an HBO Max issue because it does this on Xbox one, PS 4, Laptop, iPad, and iPhone). It often will freeze in the middle of a show and I have to restart the app. Most of the time it won’t even load the start page. It sometimes won’t show my continue watching list which is frustrating because we don’t always know which episode we ended on. Overall, I just have had issues with it loading and working properly. I do enjoy watching HBO movies and shows it’s just extremely frustrating to pay for a service and not be able to use the app or website to watch them.
  • Y’all need help!

    By stryker243
    I have payed for HBO forever. Through prime star then Dish now on Prime... been a very loyal subscriber. However here’s my issue, I pay for HBO through Amazon prime which does not offer the combined HBOmax, I wanted to watch a show on Max so I decided to add another HBOSubscription to my Hulu account which has a HBO Max, thus. Being able to watch the show I wanted “raised by wolves”... but get this your HBOMAX on Hulu does not have Rasied by Wolves in its lineup. So then I move ove to my ITunes HBOMAX and add the app and yet another subscriptions. Then I’m finally able to see Rasied By Wlves via the App and Aieplaying it to my TV. The App on my TV I downloaded for HBOMAX does not work.... it opens and then you sign a code pops up to enter at website but when you do this, iTunes wants to open it in the app, even if you cancel. And then there no where to enter the code for the device I’d like to add. You can only delete devices via your app. There is no Add a device. Fix this crap please....... I just payed 3 memberships cause of this mess. To watch 1 show.... FIX IT.....
  • Why can’t I play on roku???

    By Nakepatt26
    Garbage streaming service if I can’t stream on any of my TVs
  • Wow, this is really terrible

    By Nincenevin
    I rarely leave reviews, but I came here to say - this is awful. I can’t even get past the account verification. Every time I try to enter my verification code sent through email, the app refreshes and takes me to - create your account - Yes, I have the latest version. This is unusable.
  • Stopped working.

    By Mei1i
    Doesn’t load pass the main screen.
  • Not on Apple TV

    By Jen_hayes83
    Real irritated to be paying for this service that doesn’t show up on AppleTV anymore. Guess I’m done. 😡
  • App will not allow me to choose provider

    Cannot log into the app - “choose provider” screen never comes up after providing credentials. Zero stars is what it deserves.
  • Connection issues

    By Anthony_56_
    The content is great, but it is heavily out weighed by the poor performance of the app. I use the app with a Chrome Cast to stream content. Every time the app is used it disconnects from the casting device and takes several minutes to reconnect. This completely prevents users from pausing and rewinding content. Additionally, when you do use the back up 15 seconds feature the app either crashes or buffers forever. Finally, I use the same chrome cast with several other apps and this is the only one with these issues. Therefore, I don’t think the chrome cast is to blame.
  • Sad

    By Gary Dyar
    I finally just gave up and deleted the app I could never it get to work but twice in the past two or three months got tired of trying hoping that it be fixed but nope. I’m glad I was using my tv provider and didn’t have to pay for it. Would be a great app if it worked good I have Netflix Hulu and Prime.
  • Euphoria

    By Denayah C.
    I love HBO max I need more euphoria
  • Love the service...when it works

    By Peacedog7
    I really like their service. The app needs work. I dislike that I download episodes to watch while offline and I can watch 2 then it asks me to sign in again. But I can’t because I’m not online. The whole point was to be able to watch when not online. Now I’m back with service and I just get a blank screen every time I log in. I deleted and re-downloaded but it’s the same thing. I go through this just about every day. Frustrating.
  • Good but bad

    By gey0000086755
    I love the shows. Always can find something to watch. But the problem is the app ever even gives me the chance to cast it to my TV or airplay it to my iPhone. My tv dosent let me download apps do the only way I can use hbo is threw my phone and it’s annoying coming home after working a long ass shift and I can’t watch South Park on my tv becuse the app dosent even gives me the option.
  • Cannot login

    By Jhouhah
    I have tried to get this app working on iPad and Xbox but I cannot login. I am a subscriber through suddenlink and have been for years, but it keeps telling me to use the main account to login even though that’s the only way I know to login.
  • Great initially.

    By Per plot
    The HBO Max app was a 5 star app until the last week. I don’t have the ability to airplay over WiFi. Up until a week ago I could download a movie or show and cast to my tv using the hdmi to lightning adapter flawlessly. Now whenever I try to I get audio on the TV with no picture and a black screen. Other streaming services still work using the above mirroring technique. It’s hard to justify keeping under these circumstances.
  • When are going to support Roku?

    By mdsc2
    Terrible user interface. I cannot use Roku and I have to use AirPlay on my TV. Of course that works only 5% of the time.
  • Straight crap.

    By ml131045
    I search google to find Harry Potter for my nieces that have been wanting to watch them and I came across hbomax on google stating that they did in fact stream it. I downloaded and Paid for it and they don’t have it. I went ahead and reached out to customer service to ask what was going on. They said they no longer are streaming it, so umm yea. Downloaded it for nothing.
  • Great until it lost all my profiles

    By JeffTPharmD
    The app was working great, excellent content, no real gripes with the app itself. Then today I try to login and when it connects through my tv provider like normal all the user profiles for my family are gone, so is viewing history, etc... Deleting and adding app back didn’t fix the issue. This is a core function of this sort of app so 2 stars on what would easily be 4 or 5 if it functioned as expected.
  • missing key features

    By hr621349
    App cannot download in background. Cannot save partial downloads. Will not operate through VPN.
  • Won’t let me cast anything to tv

    By Thecandymaker__
    Since there is no Hbo Max with AMAZON I can’t watch all of the shows I am PAYING for. So I had to go on my phone and lo behold the app keeps crashing as im trying to cast it on my tv from my phone. Why have a service cost so much and allow it to be crappy??
  • Can’t get ahold of anyone.

    By No, thank you!
    Somehow I’m paying for HBO and HBO Max separate from each other. I’m not sure how that happened, but it won’t let me fix it.
  • Terrible

    By SFL traffic fighter
    Signed on and was watching a show no issue. Changed location and it kicked me off and now when i try to sign on via my cable provider which provides hbo max the screen just goes blank. No sign on area. No nothing. Waste of my time.
  • Pay for now but can’t use max

    By Truths4Now
    I have been paying for HBO now but find out the new HBO shows are only on HBO max that can not be streamed on my Roku. I instantly canceled my HBO now subscription and will not pay for MAX until they add it to Roku. Research your target market it’s not people on laptops and cell phones. It’s people streaming on TVs. Why would I pay the same amount of money for half the shows. Fix your app put HBO On Roku and other streaming services it’s not hard.
  • Awful interface

    By ARRarado
    Just wow. Removes downloaded content. Slow. Clunky done and save buttons. 2010-style scroll and swipe?Design and layout horrible on smaller phones. Did this get outsourced to a high school hackathon? Seriously awful user interface.
  • P O C

    By JoeSwahili
    So far this is pretty junky app. Wasted whole bunch of time doing downloads which WILL NOT PLAY. Good content but can’t watch it. FUBAR.
  • Latino

    By Chivas2385
    Las películas se que unas están en la lista de latino pero las películas nuevas la mayoría están en español y ustedes no las an puesto creo deberían hacer algo para que su público latino pueda ver las películas en español gracias
  • Make content available across platforms

    By Johnneymaniac
    Not being on Roku, Hulu, or fire tv is silly. I should be able to see content on all platforms for a company of hbo’s size not to be able to figure it out by launch is unacceptable.
  • Can no longer log in

    By KENMAN50
    After latest update no longer able to login using my optimum cable password. Optimum tells me it’s on hbo. HBO hasn’t helped and I still can’t watch a thing.
  • The worst streaming app!

    By Ncs131313
    Simply horrible. Can't watch a movie on iPhone X without a million problems. Gets stuck, disconnects, suddenly shows black screen but movie goes on. And restarting the app rarely fixes the problem. Have to delete and re-upload the app almost every time we watch a show! Shocking that HBO spends 100ds of millions on creating great programs but they try to save on the most important thing there is: the tool that brings these movies to the customer. Whatever pleasure the series bring into our lives is destroyed by this stupid dysfunctional app. FIX IT ASAP!
  • User experience needs help

    By ajberk17
    It is so hard when watching a long movie or episode to move the curser back or forward by anything more than 15 seconds. I would suggest showing what time in the film you’re dragging the curser to before you land there. Hulu, netflix, and others offer this. As always, great content. Thank you.
  • Update comes with bugs

    By StellarStory
    The app worked great until the recent update. I use it to cast to my tv since HBO Max isn’t on my Amazon firestick. The casting and AirPlay keeps pausing for long periods of time. Please fix this!
  • Great Content, horrible app

    By VirginSturgean&theUnusedBagels
    Everyone knows HBO. Besides being a household name in entertainment, they host modern shows of all genres. People love HBO for the awesome movie selection and amazing original shows. I cannot login with this app. Or on my tv. When i got the app finally working through my PS4 (all on the same TV and the same wifi mind you) it somehow magically works fine. This is a problem. Again, I like the content and am interested in enjoying HBOs product. But their delivery applications make it nearly impossible to even view their shows/movies. HBO cant get an app writer, coder, development team that can actually do their jobs. It doesnt matter what device, what generation of device, or even the internet connection, HBO apps never work for me. HBO Max is just HBOs latest failure. They couldnt get HBO GO to work. Or its predecessor. Now they unveil this monstrosity. Please fix yourselves before HBO becomes the Comcast of the entertainment world. There is great content. Just be better HBO
  • Great app but i want this movie to be added please

    So I’ve been watching the Teen Titans and i was wondering if the Teen Titans trouble in Tokyo movie could be added. Besides that idea of addition, the app has been really good. Amazing content.
  • HBO will not update

    By Stamperterry
    Updated my iPad, and HBO max DOES NOT WORK, it says unsupported device!! Please fix your app!
  • hbo max

    By CardDealer07
    it’s a good app but the captions don’t work
  • Can’t verify subscription

    By almostcrimes87
    Ever since the new update it says it can’t verify subscription so I can’t watch anything!
  • Constant Buffering

    By Brutalion
    As of the latest update this is the only streaming app on all my devices that constantly stops streaming and waits while buffering. The app is unusable. It’s still an issue as of today. It’s the only streaming app I have that can’t stream anything. Every other app works just fine. The developer really needs to learn how to code beyond the basics and code like the other streaming app developers.
  • App will not allow Apple Dock Connector to play downloaded content to external display

    By Camaro 45th
    I downloaded something to watch in an area where there is no coverage for my carrier. I have done this with other apps with no problem. HBO MAX will not allow me to stream downloaded content to an extras display. I can hear the sound but no video. Cmon guys fix this already. I am using the official Apple dock connector as well so it’s not that I’m using a cheap amazon knock off.
  • HBO’s targeted audience leaves out all non-English speaking ethnicities.

    By 1facade1
    Subtitles don’t work and there is a poor choice in subtitle translation options like Spanish. Wouldn’t pay for this just on the language options alone if it wasn’t already free from my cable provider. Otherwise great selection. However please modernize.
  • Unsupported iOS version

    By Keithustus
    Can't work with older iOS versions. No, updating iOS would delete many games so no. Edit: wow, nothing shows more that a company doesn’t care about customers than it responding to a negative review with preprogrammed nonsense that doesn’t at all address the problem(s) identified in the review.
  • I expected much more. Good content, horrible roll out.

    By Nicholas720
    It doesn’t work on Roku, Fire stick or LG TVs. I can cast which is ok but not optimal. It doesn’t keep place when I pause while I’m casting. VERY ANNOYING auto-play that can’t be turned off, bad if you’re watching while in bed.
  • The offline download doesn’t work

    By Sam Dario
    You cheated on me, I want a refund ASAP. What a scam. Edit: it doesn’t work with any internet provider, this is a mind blowing, it downloads but doesn’t play even with press the arrow of play in my download section of profile. Solution: Change the internet, reboot the router, switch to another isp..... 😤😳🤯😡 This the mother of bugs.
  • Inconsistent features

    By Kelsey_Violet
    Content is no problem. But you can only use all functions on the android app for TVs. This app is missing captions. It has them but they don’t work. And the website is missing the fast forward 15 seconds button and can’t work well in tablet mode for windows. The captions not working is really bad for me, hence the 2 stars.
  • What happened?

    By jdjdjcncjcjcjfjfhfh
    Very slow and crashes often. Unwatchable. HBO go was so much better. Love the new content but again, crashes or loading bar too much to watch. Fail.
  • no subtitles in spanish

    By laperce33
    no app for amazon fire
  • Sound is too low

    By juanc07
    I love the Max and it’s selections. The only issue that I have is that the sound on all of the shows or movies is way too low. I have to turn my tv up almost all of the way in order to hear some of the dialogue. None of my other streaming apps on my Apple TV have this problem. Other than that it’s great.