HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies

HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Current Version: 22.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 43.09 MB
  • Developer: HBO
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 14 104


With HBO NOW you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO’s addictive series such as Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones, Westworld and so much more. In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone’s talking about. Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up for your free trial (afterward just $14.99/month. Free trial is for new customers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer at Cancel anytime. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2019 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO NOW® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • No offline download

    By Ralph M
    When traveling, the option to download so that you can watch when you don’t have WiFi is essential. If the app cannot do this, it needs to be able to and if it can do this, it certainly is nowhere in the help documentation. The other streaming services are way ahead on this issue.
  • Poor user experience

    By Vtlongbarr
    Not a user friendly app. It doesn’t save your searches, the “continue watching” section is garbage at tracking what you’ve watched so I always have to go look for a show I’m watching every time I sit down, and the search function isn’t good. Also, why is there no option to turn off the auto play function on the hbo go app?!?! I like to fall asleep to shows on my iPad and don’t need them playing in my face all night. Other than that, HBO puts out some dope show.
  • Cancelling subscription

    By Acjele0509
    Simply ridiculous!!! I cancelled within the week and I’ve been charged $15 after canceling kver two weeks ago! I try and ask for a refund and was told I do not qualify!! 😡😡
  • It won’t play

    By sxcxoxtx
    I bought HBO NOW. It plays on my iPad but I can’t figure out how to play it on my Samsung Smart TV. Please help!!!
  • The app is a great experience for me

    By Kev2222222
    because I absolutely hate being able to watch movies and television shows and I live for deleting and then reinstalling apps on a weekly basis. I got to delete and then reinstall the app today for the fourth time in as many weeks and it was amazing. Having the app crash almost every time I try to watch a show really prevents me from having to deal with being entertained. Edit: Came back to change the rating to 1 * because the same thing happened literally a day later.
  • Classic AT&T

    By Doc54556
    Since AT&T has taken over HBO and DirecTV, Both services have taken a nose dive in terms of functionality and support. Casting is sporadic, servers seem to be incredibly slow and modern features are absent.
  • App version 22.0.0 freezes

    By Chsweetie
    Just updated the app to version 22.0.0 and now it won’t work at all. It’s frozen. I’ve tried closing the app and restarting my phone but nothing works.
  • App is not user friendly

    By Maria1065
    Wide selection of content but it’s rather irritating to navigate through the app.
  • No download/watch offline option

    By Zhdallas
    Every other streaming service I have provided an option to download so you can watch when offline, for some reason this app does not.
  • Can’t get rid of it

    By Ness1519
    So easy to subscribe but when you want to unsubscribe you have to jump thru so many hoops. Not worth subscribing to again in the future.
  • Needs to speed up

    By Vitor Mendonca
    Probably one of the best apps in terms of quality vs all other streaming apps. I don't take that away. But I take stars off because of being slow to add the latest and greatest features. No 4K/HDR after almost two years of Apple TV 4K? Bring this and I'll change (but please, be faster).
  • Won’t let me sign in

    By shannon108
    It will only let me sign in as a new user the links for already a subscriber don’t work. Son really want to watch a show and I want the tv I already pay and not paying again. Ridiculous
  • Poorly designed

    By Aweston21
    Great content. We stream this straight from our Samsung smartTV. All of our other streaming services run smoothly but this app crashes multiple times a day, takes forever to load and searches are very slow. We did a 7 day trial and I gotta say I won’t be making a full subscription. Although the content is good, this app just isn’t user friendly enough to spend $14.99/month.
  • Problem cancelling subscription

    By trikayaker
    I cancelled this subscription today via the Apple TV app and rather than cancelling it, Apple sent (and charged) me a NEW bill for a new subscription month that wasn't due. I'm cancelling the service because of a lack of new watchable material on HBO. Though they have a tremendous catalog, I've seen everything on there I think is worth watching. I'm going to resubscribe every 2 or three months to get a couple of hours of watchable material and rotate this with other services that have a similar problem.
  • Not great

    By mhlauren
    Loved the app for the first two days. After two days I tried watching a moving and it won’t load, it just says “error”. I tried signing out and signing back in and it will not let me watch anything. This has been happening for 3 days now. I decided it’s time to get rid of hbo now.
  • Ads are bad

    By Monkeycrap24
    You pay 12$ a month and they still have pre roll ads. Unacceptable! I know one ad isn’t bad but once you let them get away with one they turn into cable tv.
  • 2nd attempt!

    By dee131314
    I cancelled/unsubscribed twice, please CANCEL ASAP for the second time
  • Not going to pay for what I. Already have.

    By Mike bis
    I have HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and stars on my cable package . I used to be able to watch these apps for Free as I am already paying for them on my TV from my cable provider. I get all the sports channels as well , college bal and pro. If there’s a game and a camera , I can get it. and even adult channels. They really are boring but the py come with the highest package on my cable. I am not going to Pay when I can watch all of the thins on here and more. Plus I have an app in my 92 inch LED smart TV and the 56 inch in my bedroom that lets me watch any shoos Korea’s movie I want at any time. I think you can get HBO and the other channels cheeper if you buy them as part of your cable package. I also get the Smithsonian channel which has Everything. Like I said, I used to be able to use this app for free as I was paying for this channel but I guessed that’s changed? I will obviously be deleting this app. I hope I don’t get charged for anything?!
  • Not Worth It

    By JDaiJ
    There are plenty of great shows and movies to watch on HBO, but the app makes it nearly impossible. We never have any issue streaming Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu on our firestick, but we always ready ourselves for disappointment when we want to watch something on HBO. The videos either take ages to buffer, or more often, never load at all. We’ve followed the tips for common problems from the website time and time again, but are much more surprised when we find the app actually working. Yes, the shows are great, but HBO Now is by far the most expensive streaming service we have and it works maybe 5% of the time. Definitely not worth the cost. Fix the bugs.
  • Not getting what I pay for

    By That guy113425673
    The only reason I still subscribed to this is watching last week tonight with John Oliver. They released a new episode on June 30 then immediately took it down.... And now I’m watching it on YouTube for free. Remind me why am paying for the service again??
  • Movies leaving soon date

    By Txv187
    Had a movie in my list that got removed, really wanted to watch with the family. Streaming on Samsung tv is laggy when Netflix is not.
  • Charged 2x

    By A_Hamil
    This service charged me twice for one month... never subscribing again... so mad.
  • It doesn’t work

    By Rous18228
    Hello, I moved to another country and now I can not use it, also I am not able to go to settings and cancel my subscription. Today I check my bank account and you still charge me for an app I am not using anymore. I want my money back.
  • Chromecast with HBO Now not working!

    By AlienEggy
    Please have your IT department fix the chromecast connection issue!!
  • HBO now

    By peacesesxrockabroll
    I like the app but today I no longer have the option to podcast on the tv in my house it’s not letting me for some reason an it’s frustrating
  • Leguaje

    By hacalex
    Porque no esta en español
  • Needs better shows , like Netflix

    By Cworden23
    I told myself I wasn’t going to renew my subscription. But I like the show “ BALLERS” , then my prime show “ SNEAKY PETE “ was cancelled for season “4”? So in hopes maybe Netflix or HBO will pick it up? So I renewed? App has potential. But a tad expensive!! I will gladly pay it if you guys pick up season 4 of SNEAKY PETE??? ;) other than that . It’s a crystal clear experience. The best 4K and HD set up out there. Just wish had more newer shows and Movies and etc. But all good here !!!! Thanks ! Ps: #. HBO GO GET SNEAKY PETE( season 4) !!
  • Worst app ever

    By Almcg1212
    It’s awesome to watch a 90 minute movie in 2.5 hours, when you aren’t pausing it. This is legit, the worst streaming app of all time. Do not waste your money. Reporting to Customer Service is also a joke.
  • Here’s why the app does not rock as much as the content

    By Sidy009
    1. There is no sync between mobile and laptop. I might watch a series on my laptop, but when I open the mobile app it does not show that under ‘continue watching ‘ 2. Every time I want to continue watching something I need to search it out instead of it coming somewhere in the UI. 3. As someone mentioned, why do you need a 8 seconds logo intro and why can’t I skip the intro for any show ? I feel these are some of the basics of a good streaming app and unless you can fix it the mobile experience is just annoying.
  • Service has been down for weeks! Unacceptable.

    By BeeGeeHarlem
    When it works, it’s great.
  • Difficult to end free trial

    By Nervie1959
    I tried HBO Now with a free trial but they wanted my credit card information to continue with a monthly subscription saying I could cancel at least 24 hrs in advance. It is easy to sign up but they make it so difficult to cancel. I thought I had cancelled on June 25 over 24 hrs before my free trial would end. For some reason I am still getting HBO now and I am being charged $14.95 fee. How do I cancel my subscription. I want to cancel it now. I do not want it I only wanted my free trial!
  • Terrible App

    By Sarcasterrific
    It just keeps sending you to a way to buy another trial, you can’t change anything significant in account settings, the menu is arranged poorly... It’s just a loop of redundancy.
  • Poor user experience

    By Nbrook101
    The content is great, but the experience to watch them is not, especially if you’re trying to binge. It doesn’t save your searches, no option to skip intros, and that annoying HBO Now 8 second logo clip they insist on playing is really annoying. The worst though is the experience trying to cast to my Chromecast. I have to keep connecting and reconnecting to get sound, usually it takes me 2-3 attempts, and then I’m constantly having to search for the show again because it takes me back to the homepage or rewind with loads of buffering because it takes so long to get volume. Loved the HBO Go app this is a bummer.
  • Not easy to cancel!

    By bns986
    Keeps kicking me out of the app and online it just sends me back to the subscribe page. The shows are good yes, but the app is not. I can not get to a cancellation page.
  • Buffering

    By CooeDipper88
    100% junk Buffers constantly and will shut video off
  • No pudeConectar

    By ElProcer
    No hubo manera de conectar con mi Apple TV error tras error y no hay soporte
  • Recent interface update introduces impractical sidebar

    By kkavehma
    New update introduces a sidebar with only three elements. There are several other changes that are amazingly impractical and seems to be done for the sake of change. The sidebar has search and profile and home options. It completely ruins the full page experience on iPad and makes it very confusing to look main contents. The search in sidebar contains a table of contents as well ( wry confusing). The profile options contains watch list options. Other apps like amazon or Netflix has one page immersive layouts same as old hbo now. The content is excellent hope the app can catch up with better playback and much better search instead of doing unnecessary visual changes.
  • Great but

    By Icecreamtruck88
    More expensive than I like. The app doesn’t open on my one smart tv that I have it downloaded to. Upside I can cancel it when I feel the need.
  • Canceled

    By Alaythea
    I canceled HBO Now a week before it is supposed to renew. But it still bill my credit card. Please return the money. Alaethia
  • Clunky App

    By Xxcxmdj
    Having nothing to do with the content, the app itself is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used - and I’ve used Hulu. You often have to use the search function when you open the app and want to watch the next episode of whatever show you’re into Loading times are long and seem to start over whenever you use the seek or 10sec jump functions Closes randomly You have to turn on captions every gd time
  • Bad customer service

    By BentleyJ12345
    I got suckered in with an add for a free 5 days. After having it for three days I didn’t see the value in the service so I canceled the subscription prior to when I should have been charged. I wrote them to ask for a refund and I got an auto response saying they would not refund my payment. Disappointed in the service.
  • Doesnt work outside of U.S

    By Elenam95
    I would give this app 5 stars if it didnt freeze so much and if it worked outside of the U.S. Being in the military and being stationed overseas i would’ve liked being able to watch the rest of westworld and start watching euporia. A little disappointed that it doesnt work. 😕
  • no.

    By hamburger&friea
    GoT had a horrible ending, oh, and the app isn’t user friendly at all. Hence the 1 star.
  • Not intuitive

    By Javynsqui
    App needs a “keep watching” or similar section. Every time I want to continue watching a series or show, I have to look it up and find the last episode I watched... not user-friendly at all. Content is great but the app needs a makeover.
  • Worst streaming app

    By dhshhbb
    For the love of God, for what you pay for this app you would think you would have a spot for currently viewing material. I shouldn’t have to search every single time I go to the app to find a show that I have been watching!
  • False Advertising! Not Free Trial - Poor Movie Selections

    By Lord Slaygon
    They charged me right away. Supposed to be free 7 day trial! When I tried to get a refund from Apple it would not go thru because they said my purchase did not qualify for refund. HBO has a very limited selection of titles and they aren’t even good choices. I will never do business with them again.
  • Not much

    By OurNicknameAlreadyTaken
    The only thing good on this was Game of Thrones. Now that is over. I can’t really find anything else worth watching.
  • itunes subscription required? Really? I mean REALLY?

    By Swachtma
    Ok, so apparently if you ever want to watch on your phone you need to make sure you subscribe to HBONOW through iTunes. Because that’s the only way the app will allow you to log in. Really? Really. So if you bought a subscription on good luck I guess.
  • For Game of Thrones. You deserve that!

    By SherikCheetah
    1 star for Game of thrones you deserve that!!!!!