• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2015-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 110.17 MB
  • Developer: CuriosityStream, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 043


CuriosityStream is the world's first on-demand streaming service for award-winning documentaries that enlighten, entertain and inspire. Watch CuriosityStream originals like Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, Miniverse, and First Man, in addition to BBC Documentaries like The Wonders of Life and Horizon. Dive deep into your favorite science, technology, nature and history documentaries. CuriosityStream membership benefits: - Unlimited streaming of the best in documentary programming - 4K and HD documentaries available anywhere, anytime on multiple devices - Browse titles with multiple search tools that help you find your favorite subject area - Rate your favorite shows and get recommendations for related content - Bookmark shows to watch later or resume watching previously viewed shows on other devices Memberships start at $2.99 per month. When you place your order, you will receive your CuriosityStream membership free for the first 7 days. If you do not cancel, then your membership will continue and the monthly subscription rate (plus applicable tax) will be charged or deducted from your account on or about the same date each month that you continue your membership. You may cancel your membership and stop the billing anytime by logging into your account. Please Note: - Payment will be charged to the user's iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase -Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase By downloading this application, you agree to the CuriosityStream Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (



  • Great content; bad app

    By 683710uniq
    The content is mostly very good, but the app is very bad. It won’t show you which content you have already viewed and which is new- and you will not remember every title on your own. There is no way to use the accelerometer to automatically go into landscape or portrait mode, there is no way to go into landscape mode during the introductory commercial which proceeds every show, nor a way to skip the ad either, even though it’s always for at&t. There is one ad per show, even though you pay for the service! The app also doesn’t handle you switching in and out of the app well at all. Often the video will be frozen when you switch back to CuriosityStream, and often your phone will go to sleep while playing the curiosity video. It is almost as badly designed and implemented as the PBS Video app; The worst video app I have run across. They could learn a lot from Netflix or YouTube.
  • iPhone App Freezes Constantly

    By dancablam
    I’ve tried several times to watch a video on my XS Max iPhone and the video just freezes after 5 seconds of playback. This app has one job to do and it can’t do it :/
  • Amazing content

    By Alan IOS Fan
    Terrible interface, the spp works only on iphone.
  • Love it

    By Leo_Magg
    Quickly becoming my favorite app. I hope to see improvements for the smart tv app (just endlessly loads on my tv) but the iPad app is great and the save function is a must have for a traveler like me.
  • Great content, not so great support

    By rtphokie
    After many back-and-forth emails with the same boilerplate questions over and over that focused on bandwidth issues, rather than addressing a flaw in the Apple TV app which was causing programs not to play but the ads before them did, An update to the app finally got Curiosity Stream more stable. My 200+Mbps down 25+Mbps up with 20 ms ping time connection clearly wasn’t the problem, especially since ads ran just fine and CuriosityStream was the only app behaving this way. This kind of red herring support isn’t just frustrating and a waste of time, it sends the message to the customer that it couldn’t possibly be us, the problem must be on your end. Support was unaware of the update too
  • Extremely Poor Quality iPad App

    By PhillipDampier
    This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used. On an iPad Pro, videos enlarged to full screen mode will end up freezing within seconds of streaming. The audio playback continues, but the video gets stuck and there is no recovery. If you restart the video, the same problem occurs again and again. Others have reported this same issue for months with no fix. This is the only app I see this happen with. Unacceptable.
  • Broken Apple TV App...The

    The app is only worth 2 stars. But the content is worth 5! The service is amazing. I just wish the experience on the Apple TV worked. The home screen fails to load. It continues to show your logo spinning. The app works on my Nvdia Shield and on my TCL TV WITH built in Roku. I use my Apple TV as my primary streaming device because of the TV App integration, which is spotty at best. Please fix these issues so I can go back to watching your service on my preferred device.
  • Captions and autoplay

    By JayWins101
    The captions button is broken! When a video starts on ipad it automatically has captions on. You then click the button to turn them off but that does not do anything. You then need to do it another time and that turns them off. Also the text of the options are not viewable because of poor choice of the text color in the button options during a film. You need to allow people to turn off autoplay this is ridiculous.
  • iPhone app is bad, recent ADT sponsorship kills it

    By Gee8mao
    CANCELING SUBSCRIPTION: So, the content is good, but the iPhone app likes to freeze the video fairly regularly upon starting, while the audio continues. I haven’t noticed this on my iPads or Apple TVs. But what kills it for me, and why I’m canceling, is because someone thought that it was soooo intelligent and sooo smart to get ADT to sponsor the programming "without commercial interruptions". Cute. But in a totally cynical and sarcastic way. Because, now, we’re forced to watch an unskippable ADT commercial before a episode will play. Technically, "without commercial interruptions", but with a commercial. Technically, a perverse technicality. Okay, let’s recap here. ONE; I’m PAYING to watch documentaries, not ads from horrible companies. TWO; anyone who has ever dealt with ADT will tell you that they’re a horrible, horrible company, with absolutely ZERO ethics. Their sole mission is to swindle folks with their bait-and-switch schemes. So, to financially align yourself with such a company is unconscionable: you’re quite literally profiting from money that ADT has swindled from the backs of hard-working Americans, Curiousity Stream! SHAME ON YOU!
  • Almost Subscribed UHD

    By Roachapproach
    Triple the price for UHD 4k stream. So sad 4k stream cost as much as Netflix for one network. Canceled subscription, might reconsider if I don’t get ripped off for 4k. Same reason the movie industry will fail again. Charge extra $$$ for 4k people will find other means of getting the content. Offer 4k at a standard price, watch your subscriber count blow through the roof. This channel is geared toward techies. Who you trying to rip off?
  • No good

    By poootrey555
    I paid $19.99 and can never get on the dang sight.. it won’t open for me .....
  • Awful

    By Patandcat
    No picture in picture. Poor customer support. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Do not waste your money!!!

    By ghf5780!&@$
    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Do not subscribe to this service. They automatically deduct the yearly fee instead of giving you a choice. Tried calling them about it and they refused to issue a refund
  • Chromecasting doesn’t work!!

    By Green61
    Chromecasting always fails, loads for a second then just goes to curiosity stream home page.
  • Amazing content, doesn’t work on iPad

    By papacito love
    Amazing content, doesn’t work on iPad
  • curiositystream

    By Swagdoctor99
    iv literally only watched 3 documentary’s and they were the best iv ever seen, highly recommend this app
  • Please fix offline download

    By nmartinez0779
    Downloaded content stops playing and begins an never ending buffing spinning circle. I have to close the app and start playback, to get it working again and worst of all, it goes back to the beginning of the documentary. Otherwise, I love the content!!!!
  • Please Stop Auto-Play

    By Wyldoxz
    The content is superb. It’s what the History, Science, and Discovery Channels used to be before they were all infected by the reality tv bug and lost sight of their true purpose. That being said, the inability to disable or otherwise control the auto-play (on iOS and TVOS) is frustrating. It doesn’t even pull something next from your watchlist, which means some random video that one may or may not be interested in is now taking up residence in one’s feed and history. It’s a nuisance.
  • Offline download needs work

    By Rajesh paramesh
    It’s been more than 7 months subscribed to CuriosityStream, I really enjoyed watching all the documentaries. I have been waiting for offline download so that I can enjoy my long drive commute everyday, but it has some buffering problem. I have to reopen the app to keep running the offline downloaded videos. My request to the developer is to fix the offline videos problem.
  • Does not remember playback location

    By Someguy6347733
    When using Chromecast, playback location is not correctly retained. Please test the Chromecast functionality.
  • As other say, the app is the weak link

    By EcoEric
    Still: It is buggy and you cannot full screen zoom on iPhone X models. I can’t even flip the video to the other side when rotating my phone in landscape. Update and fix the app like most other video services.
  • Fix downloads

    By Voyager29
    Please fix downloads they only download first ten min ... then nothing but the cc
  • Great App !

    By MrBumpie
    I’m a documentary junkie ! This definitely scratches my itch for knowledge! A great value too ! This is like having PBS’s Nova, the Science Channel, Nat Geo and the Discovery channels rolled in to one, just a click away ! They say variety is the spice of life, this app is a full on spice cabinet! One feature I especially enjoy is how mainstream media usually just touches on an event, where this app goes in depth on the story. An example is the recent discovery of a black hole. A two minute cover on mainstream media After watching a story on CuriosityStream l now understand it better. The bonus is seeing the people behind its discovery. It’s like they are having a conversation with me in my living room ! Education with no test questions, just for pure educational knowledge! Kudos to the developers and those associated with the development of this amazing app! A sincere thank you to the men and women behind the development and production of this app !
  • Wonderful

    By Jett1986
    I rarely write reviews for apps, even more so positive ones. But CuriosityStream is one of my favorites. I spend more time watching it than Netflix and Hulu nowadays. I highly recommend this app and the amazing content it offers. I’ve seen documentaries on topics I had never thought of or heard of. And the way the information is presented is far more objective than a lot of documentaries I’ve seen. The content is wonderful and detailed AND it’s presented in a way that is easy to understand; for most topics at least, quantum physics is going to go over my head every time most likely lol.
  • Awesome

    By Alejoarzia
    Using IPhone 6 and app is great when I travel...and superb 4K visuals when I am home on my big Screen. The content is everything I missed when I cut the “cable” service. Well worth the annual fee! This is true TV for nerds as my brother put it.
  • Curiosity: Depth and Breadth

    By Stefan Greene
    A great app for broadening your horizons.
  • My favorite app!!!

    By Zoëlle T
    As someone who loves documentaries & clean UX/UI, I am obsessed with this app! Easy to use, intuitive, great content, love that I can save and watch documentaries on the go. Highly recommend!!!
  • Automatically Downloaded via Update

    By Doc420
    Any App that automatically gets put on my phone. I just don’t like and can’t trust from the start. I don’t know how this product performs and done care. This was out on my phone after an update.
  • I’ll never

    By CatRandy
    I’ll never subscribe to this service for one simple reason. They don’t let you see what they have until you either sign up for their service, or at least sign up for a free introduction. What are they hiding that it’s so important for them to not let people see what’s on their channel?
  • How much does your score cost?

    By Steven Barden
    ? I’m curious, really. Apple$ helping you and others again...
  • Great app and educational

    By F Gustapo
    Love this app. Lots of good videos with great historical and sometime breaking subjects.
  • Doesn’t stream

    By deebee412
    Just tried the trial. Selected an Attenborough series....Nothing except a lot of spinning in i gotta figure out how to get off subscribing..junk app
  • Charged during “free trial”

    By William from HOT
    I signed up for the 7-day free trial, and was charged $19.99 within 2 days. I don’t want this service, and now I’m out $19.99.
  • No free trial!!

    By _9Hawkins9_
    The programming is great, wonderful shows. The app is easy to use, but I was frustrated because it says you get a 7 day free trial and you will NOT be charged until after the 7 days, I was changed in less than 30 secs. I wanted to try it first, make sure it had the shows I would watch , I choose the year subscription for $19.99 so if I liked it well that’s not a bad deal . I guess it doesn’t matter if I liked it or not because I never got my 7 day free trial!!
  • Free trial to Fee Bait & switch

    By Objuan21
    They offered a 7 day free trial before charging the monthly or yearly fee, I signed up, I got charged immediately! No 7 day free trial!! Scam!!! I canceled it!! Shame, it looked like a app I would have kept!
  • The worst

    By rabbit@3029
    Signed up for free trial, got charged the full 70 dollars, can’t access any of the content on the website or on the app, can’t get a refund, curiositystream customer service told me it’s an Apple problem. SCREW YOU CURIOSITYSTREAM!
  • Find the Time

    By -ichardM
    Just find the time to watch these presentations. They are amazing and well done.
  • Good idea, horrible app

    By triger2
    The app crashes. Tons of glitches present.
  • App not able to Stream

    By Daveo6663
    Since I subscribed to this CuriosityStream for 2:99 P/month I have not been able to stream it kept popping up subscribers screen for $9.99 and so on. Please fix the problems or give my money back.
  • Bestter that boring Tv

    By Thunder mutt
    We do not watch tv, but watch this instead and little Netflix but this is my favorite!
  • Content is good. App is bad.

    By Jedi J0E
    This review is just for the phone app. I enjoy the content on my smart TV without any issues. The phone app is very buggy. Trying to go full screen is buggy. The video often pauses and doesn’t keep up with the audio. This in not a network problem. None of my other video apps have this issue. I also have gigabit internet and the best WiFi router available. Please fix the bugs! I would like to be able to recommend this but right now I can’t.
  • Awesome!

    By Luckyduckling
    Best money I’ve spent in a long time.
  • Poorly implemented app.

    By bobluck
    Does not play nice with Apple TV . Lacks the ability to continue watching where you left off. More then likely caused by the insertion of ads upon attempting to continue. This is the second time I’ve tried to be a customer and more than likely the last. Too bad. Integration with Apple TV app is a must, but only if it works.
  • Can’t Connect

    By old-rocker60
    Subscribed and every time I log in, I get a request to subscribe to a plan. It is ridiculous despite the subscription existing under my iTune subscriptions. Is there any way of getting a refund and unsubscribing? I have unsubscribed and take this as a waste of my money. WARNING: Do not subscribe because it becomes free money for the company as I have never had a chance to log in successfully to watch anything.
  • Won’t cast

    By Maledancer
    It won’t cast with Chromecast. Every other app works but this one doesn't cast. Says it’s casting but it’s not. The app doesn’t even show in my list of apps?????
  • Curiosity

    By weatherwize
    No problem with closed captioning as it is not on. 4K price is to high
  • Great Content / Ridiculous Interface

    By Boobootrink
    I’m using v2.4 on a iPad. Once a show starts using mirroring on my tv, the limited pause and 15 second forward and backward controls disappear so there is no way to pause, rewind or fast forward. If I stop the show, it can only restart from the beginning. Please fix this. I mean, it’s not like this hasn’t been solved about 1,000 times already by other vendors.
  • I’m curious??? Where has this been !

    By Maddera Marketing
    Amazing !!! A channel it’s for me. Mitch Maddera
  • Nice Documentaries

    By reybako
    Finally a source of documentaries. I have been searching for this option at other entertainment channels. Nice library. Keep adding. Add more on history please. It’d be nice to be able to download for plane trips -just like you do with Netflix.