• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-07-20
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.96 MB
  • Developer: Literature & Latte
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 173


*** Featured in App Store Best of 2016 *** “The biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.” —Michael Marshall Smith, bestselling author Typewriter. Ring-binder. Scrapbook. Scrivener combines all the writing tools you need to craft your first draft, from nascent notion to final full stop. Tailor-made for creating long manuscripts, Scrivener banishes page fright by allowing you to compose your text in any order, in sections as large or small as you like. Got a great idea but don’t know where it fits? Write when inspiration strikes and find its place later. Grow your manuscript organically, idea by idea. Whether you plan or plunge, Scrivener works your way: meticulously outline every last detail first, or hammer out a complete draft and restructure later. Or do a bit of both. All text sections in Scrivener are fully integrated with its outlining tools, so working with an overview of your manuscript is only ever a tap away, and turning Chapter Four into Chapter One is as simple as drag and drop. Need to refer to research? In Scrivener, your background material is always at hand. Write a description based on a photograph. Reference a video or PDF. Check for consistency with an earlier chapter. On the iPad, open two documents side-by-side; on the iPhone, flip between research and writing with just two taps. Once you’re ready to share your work with the world, simply compile everything into a single document for printing, or export to popular formats such as Word, PDF, Final Draft or plain text. You can even share using different formatting, so that you can write in your favorite font and still keep your editor happy. FEATURES Get Started • Interactive tutorial project • Keep each manuscript and supporting materials in a self-contained project • Import Word, RTF, Final Draft and plain text files • Easily split imported text into separate sections Get Writing • Write your manuscript in sections of any size • View all sections as a single text using the “Draft Navigator” (iPad only) • Quickly navigate sections using the “binder” sidebar • Format with fonts and presets • Comments, footnotes, links and highlights • Simple bullets and lists • Insert images • Pinch-zoom to resize text • Full-screen mode (iPad only) • Typewriter scrolling mode keeps typed text center-screen (iPad only) • Write a screenplay using scriptwriting mode • Live word and character counts • Set word and character count targets • Find and replace • Customizable keyboard row provides quick-access buttons for formatting, navigation and punctuation • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for external keyboard users • Dark mode Find Your Structure • Write in any order and reorganize later • Write a synopsis for any text section and see it in the outline • Expand, collapse and drill down into sections of your project • Rearrange sections as index cards on the corkboard (iPad only) • Project-wide search • Track ideas using labels and status • Apply custom icons to your sections Refer to Research • Import research material such as image, PDF and media flies • View research files or other sections right alongside your writing (iPad only) • Every section has its own notes area for jotting down ideas • Supports multi-tasking split screen mode (supported devices only) Share Your Work • Compile to a single document for sharing or printing • Use different formatting in your exported or printed document • Export to Word, RTF, Final Draft, PDF or plain text • Convert rich text to Markdown for sharing with Markdown apps • Create and email zipped backups of your projects Work Anywhere • Use Dropbox to sync between devices and with the macOS and Windows versions of Scrivener* • Copy projects between devices via iTunes * Requires a Dropbox account (not compatible with iCloud). SUPPORT You can contact us at, visit our forums at, or find us @scrivenerapp on Twitter.



  • Lack of iCloud Breaks Experience

    By Secryt
    Update years later: Gave it another go and I still stand by my statement that this needs iCloud support. I KNOW the developer says limitations in Apple’s API prevent them from doing this but unstable Dropbox support is just awful. I believe this application is among the most powerful organizational productivity tool I’ve ever used. It just needs better syncing especially now when iPads can be a full replacement for people ~original review~ It may seem like a small gripe to have with an otherwise extensively and lovingly designed app, but lack of support for iCloud is a deal breaker for me. I got a Dropbox account just for this and continually have issues with conflict documents being made. Ulysses supports iCloud, along with thousands of other apps. While I appreciate the difficulty of creating apps and integrating cloud support, at this point I've streamlined my life's workflow to iCloud and have no issues with its backend. I tried Dropbox and it just didn't work. Unfortunately I will be supporting Ulysses until/if iCloud support is fully integrated.
  • Just missing a password

    By shadoboxer
    I love this app. I’ve never had any problems syncing with my computer, never lost any writing, and I use it a lot. I don’t know why so many people seem to have problems with syncing. The only problem I have with the app is that there’s no way to password protect it as far as I can tell. If I let someone use my phone, they can access all of my writing, and I’m not in love with that idea. So a password would be much appreciated.
  • Premium Price for an Outdated & Limited Experience

    By julvel88
    I’ve decided to write this review after some discourse with the Scrivener team. It’s specifically in relation to the iOS app, which I feel is severely limited and in desperate need of an update. The last update occurred over a year ago and the team has expressed no commitment to any sort of update moving forward. For an application that costs $19.99, I find that disheartening and unacceptable. As it stands, the “Editors’ Notes” advise that this version of Scrivener “syncs flawlessly so you’re never tied to just one device,” but you are tied to one service... Dropbox. I personally do not use or have any interest in using Dropbox. I stopped using their service long ago and I prefer something more secure. Other reviews contest the reliability of the syncing as well, stating they’ve lost data. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take with my writing. The Scrivener team advised me that, due to limitations regarding their file types with iCloud, they don’t have the ability to add syncing support via iCloud. A member of their team even stated they were working on something that would allow some type of iCloud integration and that it’d be available in late 2018, but here we are nearly halfway through 2019 with no updates. I was specifically told today that they have no progress to share on that front. Even though it wouldn’t be considered “syncing,” Scrivener has the ability to add export support from their app to iCloud Drive, but they choose not to. With all of their eggs in one basket, and the attitude they have about the iOS application, I regret spending my money. I expected the same passion from the team that my money represented, but it just doesn’t feel like they appreciate that. For a product that is supposed to have revolutionized modern writing, they sure have an old-fashioned way of doing things. Blockbuster, Circuit City, Toys R Us, and all the other companies who thought they could get by without continuing to innovate say hello. If things don’t change, you’ll be joining them in the next few years. Please, Scrivener, get it together. For now, I’ll just accept the fact that I’ve spent $19.99 on something I won’t be using and the Scrivener team doesn’t seem to believe enough in to keep up-to-date.
  • Great Program

    By Ragnark42
    Overall this is probably the only app I’ve ever liked enough to recommend to people. It’s highly functional and it’s adaptability makes it an optimal program for several projects. There’s been a few formatting issues that I’ve had to play with with the YAWL appearance because I can’t find certain options. One thing I’ve been trying to figure out is how to dictate where footnotes go when working with multiple files compiled. How to keep them either on the page they’re marked on or how to set them at the end of the file they’re in. So if you respond to feedback, curious minds would like know.
  • Love this app; wish it had split screen

    By q-quartermaster
    I love using this app; it’s intuitive, easy to use, and helpful in more ways than one. The only thing that really stands out to me is that I wish that there was a way to work on two documents at once using split screen. Apparently this is an option via the desktop app but not on the IOS app.
  • Sync is whack!!

    By Hang 2
    This app doesn’t sync well between Mac and IOS. File download takes forever and by the time it’s done I forgot what I wanted to write. So I’ll just use Apple notes. Unfortunately this is the only reason I bought it for IOS. Disappointing to say the least
  • Very good app... but needs updates!

    By oftheg
    I love Scrivener and it’s an essential tool but, guys, you really need to update this! This version is ONE YEAR old! No professional tool should be updated so rarely.
  • When can support iCloud sync?

    By polasure
    When can support iCloud sync?
  • Not updated frequently

    By Jim_Keen
    It’s a great app, the best out there for writers ... that still hasn’t been updated to work with the “new” (7 month old) iPad Pro’s screen size which is a real shame. It has black bars top and bottom. It’s the last app I use that hasn’t been updated :( Also, as has been noted, the Dropbox sync is poor, why there isn’t an iCloud sync I’m not sure - maybe connected to its lack of updates?
  • *sigh*

    By Clockwork Cat
    5/15/19: Not a single update in over a year? Really? Well, just noting here that the Scrivener app does not work well with the iPhone X and I’m tired of having to fight with it to change the formatting options at the bottom of the screen, because of “home” button interference and “swiping” it to change formatting options swipes me away from the app most times. Infuriating! Have you folks decided not to update this app anymore? No more support? As someone who paid for it, I find that also infuriating. Damned shame, since Scrivener on the whole is the Best. Thing. Ever. for a writer. I’ve been using it over ten years and would never go back to that piece of Microsoft crap called Word. 12/11/17: Updating the rating, since the update to the app has (my fingers are crossed) solved the problems. Since updating, everything is working perfectly, and with everything talking together, it is a stellar writing suite (combined with Scrivener on the laptop). Thanks for working out the problems, folks! 12/4/17 update: The sync issues continue to be insane and infuriating. Other problems resolved, no longer using Simplenote (because, well, it’s no longer supported), but now the Scriv/Dropbox linking is not playing nice. It has become unusable on the iPad because of this. I just deleted the app from the iPad and will reinstall AND repopulate it with 15 projects and 10000+ damned files. AGAIN. Second time today. Come on, FIX THIS! I’m tired of the “do this, it should resolve your problems” coming from tech support. It’s NOT fixing ANYTHING. The same problems continue, and as I said in the original review: I regret paying for this app. Honestly, if the sync issues are resolved it will be a fine app. It is not now. — I truly love Scrivener. Have used it for years. However, I deeply regret paying for this app. It's been glitchy from the start, requires too much navigation too often (stop taking me back to the project list! Resume where I left off!), syncs like crap. Okay, fine. I'll always have Simplenote, which annoys me far less and which I use more. Now Scrivener is crashing EVERY TIME I TRY TO OPEN A PROJECT. I am done with this. Wasted money. I'll stick with Simplenote and do all the formatting on the laptop where Scrivener is perfection instead of this dysfunctional app.
  • infuriating syncing

    By Walkersrq
    While this program does have many features, it is beyond infuriating to try to sync with Dropbox or other apps. I upgraded to Scrivener Pro to see if it would help and even after several hours of reading through instructions, forums, and videos, still cant sync, and cant move my projects from Scrivener to Scrivener Pro. Also, you cant move between an IOS (Ipad) device and MacOS. These are serious flaws in todays world this not worth the price in its current stage of development. I do not recommend it.
  • Syncing not that bad after you set it up...

    By JedWagner
    I’m writing my first novel and I absolutely fell in love with the desktop version. There is nothing out there that can compare to the flexibility and organization that this software provides for writers of any type. That said, I had some apprehension on purchasing the app. I read over and over how it had syncing issues. At first I had the same issue but through trial and error I figured out the problem was. In order to sync your desktop version to the app you need to create a blank manuscript in the app first. This creates the necessary files in order for the app to access your designated scrivener folder in Dropbox. Once that happens just move the manuscript you’re working on to your scrivener folder and you will be able to work on it with no problems. Don’t delete the blank manuscript. I repeat, don’t delete the mobile manuscript. Deleting it will delete the apps ability to access Dropbox. That’s it... I wish someone else would have told me this.
  • All my writing, right here on my phone.

    By afkland
    I held out for years praying for an Android version of this ap. When it was time to upgrade my Galaxy S7, I bit the bullet and switched to iPhone. Just for this ap. This ap was worth buying an iPhone for.
  • It’s ok

    By gtdqueen
    Need to add support for google drive. Dropbox sync is very slow and it crashes often causing you to have to close the app and reopen. Very frustrating.
  • With no hyperbole or sarcasm...

    By BeatMiser
    ...this is by far the best app on the App Store if you are a writer who is serious about their craft and it is not even close. It is worth every dime. I can not recommend Scrivener any higher. If you do not already have it, get it. Without hesitation, get it. You will not regret it. It is a worthy investment.
  • Update. This. App.

    By MonsieurObscure
    If it weren’t for the ever-increasingly buggy and erratic behavior of this app, plus the syncing issues (yes, perhaps it was even worse 1+ years ago before I began using it, but it’s still not without potentially grave, data-losing issues...), I might be inclined to give this app 5 stars. And in fact I’ll gladly change my 1 star rating to 5 stars once this app is updated and it’s issues resolved. Hopefully this poor review and rating, along with a mounting number of similar user’s feedback, will motivate the Scrivener team to get their buttocks in gear and fix their unnecessarily subpar product. Fortunately, I’ve developed a 3-level backup method (using a local Scrivener copy, as well as a separate writing app) that has saved me numerous times from losing either recent additions to, or the entirety of my currently 395 page manuscript. In closing, I’ll echo what is undoubtedly the sentiments of many a longtime Scrivener user: For a company who charges a premium for both the desktop and mobile versions of their app, and touts itself as being (and wants to be considered) the pinnacle of modern writing software, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Whatever your reputation once was, it is certainly slipping in recent years, and this should be deeply concerning to you and your business...
  • Beware

    By Benny Badman
    Firstly, I get that devs gotta eat too. I'm just ticked that the Mac version has already been deprecated and replaced with a new version you'll have to repurchase at full price, whether a new or existing customer. The iOS version is bound to be next. Wish I'd at least known this was coming when I bought it--I'd have just waited for v3 before buying. Edit: Looks like they've abandoned the iOS version.
  • Great Mobile App

    By ProJedi1234
    I really like using this app because it’s simple and has almost all the features of the desktop version. However, the few missing features does cause some issues from time to time. I would love to see more of the desktop features come into the iPad version.
  • Excellent, but with a request

    By stmck
    Can sync services using be added? My university used Box because it passes IRB requirements for security concerns regarding sensitive data collected. So that’s what I And my colleagues use for collaboration. It would be nice to use Scrivener for collaborating on research articles because it’s much better than using Word.
  • Why not iCloud?

    By Cycles4Fun
    I really like this product, however I would like to have more choice of locations to save my work such as iCloud. The desktop version allows me to save to iCloud however iOS cannot. Now that i am away from my computer I cannot work on my project saved to iCloud until later when I must move my project to DropBox.
  • Poor Integration

    By G. Ross 4
    Does not allow you to use iCloud. The desktop version does. As a journalist and writer having to use another third party app like Dropbox to manage your files affects the security and privacy of files on yet another server. It should seamlessly integrate with iCloud as the Desktop version to keep files centrally located among one platform. As a result I do not recommend the iOS app for this reason.
  • As A Writer, I Use This App Every Day!

    By MattCMcC53
    I absolutely LOVE Scrivener! I’m a Musician & Film Maker: Scrivener helps me keep track of and organize my ideas from songs to screenplays... This for me has been hands down my favorite writing app. I can’t recommend it enough! You probably should TRY IT ;) if you have a lot of great ideas, take a lot of notes, and do a lot of writing.
  • Wonderful quality

    By FunOpossum1212
    I regularly use Scrivener on my Windows computer, and love it. The app doesn’t have quite as many features as the desktop version, but it’s far better than using Pages or Notes. It also doesn’t have as steep a learning curve as the desktop version. My only real complaint with this version is that the two features I use the most on desktop appear to be missing here: screenshot and split screen. However, immensely helpful features like the Inspector and the cork-board are still available. So I suppose I just have to learn to work around these small absences... I suppose this will teach me to write up a first full draft before editing (normally I edit as I go; sometimes that’s a time-saver, sometimes a time-waster). :P If you love the desktop version, you’ll likely love this app. If you don’t normally use Scrivener, and the sheer amount of features of the desktop version seem too intimidating, this is a good intro as to what Scrivener is capable of.
  • I don't see the appeal

    By Rayner_Software_Sucks
    Perhaps I am missing something, but this software is simply not a good fit for how my brain works. It is not at all intuitive, to the point I consider the overal layout/feel inefficient and countproductive to my writing efforts. I've been through all of the tutorials (I rarely, rarely ever have to go through any tutorial in order to use software) and it just isn't a good piece of software. I'm not sure it matters as I will no longer be using Scrivener but one of the main reasons I purchased the software was to allow me to work on iPad while away and access/save the work performed on my laptop/desktop but the syncing does not work. I truly think the positive reviews are from people who confuse "Workng with screenwriting software" with "Writing a screenplay" as Scrivener results in a *lot* of time and energy spent on the former and very, very little on the latter.
  • Was great, but they aren't updating

    By bwergs
    It looks like it's been a year since an update was put out for this app. There is currently a bug in Screenwriting mode where the name/place auto-suggest bubbles do not disappear as you type. This means that you have little bubbles obscuring parts of your text that won't go away unless you explicitly tap on the screen, which is incredibly disruptive and frustrating. I also have not been able to turn off the auto-suggest bubbles altogether. I emailed their support about the bug and they acknowledged it was an issue when using a Bluetooth keyboard, but I wonder if they will ever fix it if they haven't updated the app in a year. I used to use this app every day, and sadly I have to abandon it now. Until they continue supporting this app with new updates I would not recommend spending the money.
  • Love this- iOS sync hasn’t worked for years now

    By Jsphanson
    Update I still love the way things can be organized on scrivener but the sync is completely horrid and has been for years now. I switched to bear for the phone which uses a tagging system to organize which I don’t like. So I write things in bear on my phone then cope them over to scrivener on my desktop when I have a few pages in the #. It is quicker than hoping the sync works. The desktop version is amazing though. They just never quite got the ios right. I love the way I can organize things in scrivener! I use it for planning my YouTube channel and website content, write content, organize research and so much more! The only thing that would improve if the sync was more seamless like with evernote. Update I am changing my 5 star review to a 1 star until they fix the sync issue. It’s been years now that the syncing for this app doesn’t work correctly and it is truly frustrating to work on something so long and then have a failure to get it on my desktop. I find myself using bear to write on my phone then copy it into scrivener in my desktop because the best sync works so well but they don’t have the structure that scrivener has. So I do a chapter at a time in my phone then copy and paste. I hope that helps anyone else who is really frustrated by all this.
  • I want my money back!

    By jfhfgdueunfkf
    $20 and I can’t even open a Scrivener file stored in iCloud from my Mac. What is the point? I bought this hoping to work on my projects when I’m on the go but they are stored in iCloud, not freaking Dropbox. Come on. Apparently the limitation is on Apple’s side but at least state that it doesn’t work with Apple’s Files app. I wasted my money.
  • Versatile, powerful

    By PizzaSpace
    Very few programs are as flexible as advertised. We use this app for all our writing projects, including articles, short stories and academic papers. We use it all the time!
  • Fantastic app, horrible syncing

    By Spudvision
    This is a wonderful adaption of the Desktop app. On iPad it’s an incredible immersive writing experience that is stunningly beautiful to use, on the iPhone it’s usable and easy to drop into while on the go. My only complaint is that syncing is unreliable and, at times, almost unusable. I run Dropbox on my computer just to sync Scrivener documents (yuck) and frequently need to remove and reconnect it completely in the iOS version because the files become corrupted or broken. I assume files must be handled in some awful and broken way under the hood technically or something for it to be this bad. Please fix the syncing issues! There is no reason it needs to be this difficult in 2019!
  • Mediocre, poor maintenance, not full featured

    By sandimas
    This app, without comparison to its Mac sibling, is mediocre. 1) Awful syncing: requires you to remember to close project so that it will sync before you try to open elsewhere. 2) Clunky interface: lots of unnecessary extra swipes and taps. Doesn’t take advantage of the intuitive interface possibilities of iPad. 3) The last time it was updated was over a year ago! (I’m writing this on March 3, 2018) In comparison to its macOS counterpart, the iOS app is utterly incapable. I’m not looking to copy all the bells and whistles, which would make the iOS version bloated. But, this is so ameliorated, it doesn’t deserve the same namesake as its macOS brother. It feels like this development person (or team?) is overwhelmed. Needs more competent and creative people to scale up the development across as many platforms as they’re trying develop for. (I think they’re adding a PC version... which is a scary proposition for the future of its iOS development).
  • Abandoned?

    By SailorTriforce
    I’m starting to worry that Scrivener on iOS has been abandoned since it hasn’t had any updates in a year or more. I have struggled with writer’s block for years—I inally had the courage to try writing today, but when I opened my Scrivener, the novel I had started was gone.. I feel sick. I hadn’t gotten far with it, but I had been happy about how it was going.. now it’s gone.. not in Dropbox sync, either. I’m devastated. I came to the app page to look for information, but it’s all old.. nothing new in a year. :( I’m so sad!
  • Syncing problems

    By luisxestevez
    The app is amazing but syncing between devices is infuriating. Dropbox syncing only works sometimes, with errors.
  • Really terrible syncing experience.

    By Daniel P in SF
    You have to set up Dropbox and it’s super unintuitive to sync between your phone and your laptop. I hope the engineers invest in making that experience nicer, especially since you have to pay for the desktop and iOS versions separately. It’s embarrassingly bad for a modern application. Start with google docs before wasting your time with an app that can’t easily do the ONE THING THAT MATTERS.
  • Great UNTIL

    By dfunkadelic
    I was really loving Scrivener and was transferring all my manuscripts there to organize them, but when I went to back up those files to Dropbox (after having updated and refined them fir several months) the sync made 7 manuscripts just disappear and I don’t know how to recover them.
  • Does not sync to Dropbox as promised

    By kleigh64!
    Ridiculous to pretend that it does. Don’t waste your time and money.
  • It’s more-or-less okay but...

    By MrGranky
    ...overpriced and synching just doesn’t work. Or, if it does work, the method by which it does work is infuriatingly obscure. Bottom line: This is, maybe a $1.99 app, and even then, I’d think twice.
  • Ok app

    By Tyrsman
    It’s ok, appears to be an abandoned app with no updates in a year. No templates for us iOS only users. Poor never improved tutorial, etc... Not worth the current price. Has great potential with just a little more work!
  • May You NOT Have an Exciting Life!

    By David n GA
    There is a very old Eastern European curse that goes “may you have an exciting life”. The point of the curse is that your life will become exciting in a bad way. When I use any form of technology I expect my life to become exciting. I wait for crashes, maddening work arounds, and just general nonsense. I hope whatever it is solves more problems than it caused. This app has been a refreshing change. It is absolutely boring in its rock solid performance and dependability. I do take the precaution to email myself projects as PDF files periodically to get a copy off my iPad Pro, just in case. I do not use Dropbox or the Apple Cloud since I do not trust them. The IOS version is a subset of the mac version which to be honest is not made clear. You will also find the support site gives advice without being clear which version the information applies to. One thing which I do find to be inexcusable is the inability to mark up a really long multi-chapter Word document and cleanly import it. I had to do that for a 512 page project in Word, and it took me 10 days to complete the import into proper chapters in three books. You will also find the white space at the end of your chapters is missing when you output as a PDF or Word. The next chapter title will be a few lines after the end of your chapter, throwing you page count off. If you take a look at the compressed backups you will see they are out of order, and chapters you deleted are still there. That is why I email clear text backups to myself. I now have three projects in the app, one about 530 pages in three books, one with 561,000 words and 2,400 pages in ten books, and one a training outline of 120+ pages. They say you can write just about anything in it which seems true enough. Once you start using it and have learned the limitations and quirks your life will not be exciting.
  • An unparalleled writing tool.

    By casey_lyn_clark
    The single most productive writing tool I've found in fifteen years of writing. I'm never without it.
  • Sync works perfectly.

    By Scott_F
    I read a lot of bad reviews. Read the directions in the tutorial. I bought the Mac version as well. Read the directions. It syncs both ways just fine.
  • Good job scrivener

    By ctv583
    I like this program to I got a iPhone flash drive that syncs
  • Sync is a mess

    By Xaserax
    Have lost work due to the sloppy syncing set up. Gave an extra star because I like the desktop version so much.
  • Say

    By nagaragumo
    Too hard to use for newbie who just want to write story for fun. I always end up in the tutorial for 4 days now. Unlike other simple apps you get to write your story right away with all things set up. Lots of $5 app gets you going right away. If there is zero star this is what I would rate cause up to now I still do not know how to use this thing. Crap crap crap. My advice . Don’t buy.
  • Needs iCloud Sync

    By hmmallen
    I love the desktop version of Scrivener and the iOS version is good too. However right now I can’t use it because it uses Dropbox to sync instead of iCloud. I live in China and Dropbox is blocked here but iCloud works. I bought it to experiment with manually transferring files back-and-forth from my computer to my phone, but that is too tedious for everyday use — it’s only something I’ll do when I know I’ll be away from my computer for an extended period of time. So until it supports iCloud sync I can’t really use it.
  • Fantastic but has a few bugs

    By Nevermore119
    As a writer for our school's publication, Scrivener has helped me a lot to write articles and pass it before the deadline. It's perfect for writing and I sure do use it for simple note taking as well. As beautiful this app may be, I have been experiencing this one specific bug: Scrivener crashes whenever I go to the font face/font size section. As soon as I tap that, Scrivener crashes, rendering me incapable of editing my works at all. I am using an iPad Mini 4 running iOS 11. If you could resolve this issue ASAP, it would be very helpful as I am in dire need of this extraordinary application.
  • A great app that sometimes frustrates the hell out of me

    By Ronbo13
    This is a great app. Let me start with that. It’s totally worth the money, and if you have a Mac, it’s great on both platforms. But it’s also sometimes horribly frustrating—enough so that I’ve stopped using it. Some people love it, and more power to them. I want this developer to be successful. By far my biggest frustration is how easy it is to get the iPad and Mac out of sync. It’s hard to get Ulysses to have sync conflicts, and it’s easy for get Scrivener to do it (this has to do with the far more complicated inner structure of the Scrivener document). Also Scrivener sometimes has a tendency to obliterate text attributes like italics when you apply styles.
  • Amazing except sync

    By JAFK_
    For what it is, a word processor, this app is 5/5. Very neat, and extremely functional, I really like the layout and this app takes some familiarizing but doesn’t take long and is super super rewarding. My problem with the app is the entire concept of syncing and sending anything anywhere is horrible. They only sync with iTunes or Dropbox which right off the bat that few of options for a 20$ app? And I don’t use Dropbox so that’s pretty inconvenient. Well no matter I paid 20$ it can’t hurt to make a drop box account just for this one thing to sync even though that’s pretty impractical. Well now that I’m linked to drop box, I can’t even believe how bad this works. You can’t take a project or even a single, page/document and move it to or from the cloud. Not simply like that anyways, the process for any syncing or sharing is so unpolished I can’t believe this app is 20$. Developers now that you have my money, what the heck. Please add more support to this app and the ability to move docs and projects around more freely. If you could add support for iCloud or google drive, or even OneDrive, just something other than JUST Dropbox. So much limitation is reason for me to possibly find a new text editor and not even bother with getting the Mac app
  • The best tool for writing and keeping your work on the go

    By Asshjcsycs
    With this app I can instantly make updates to my work when away from laptop, without the need of cluttering up Notes and then getting lost in them and losing your train of thought altogether. Highly recommended as a back-up device for working on the go. Would not advise on using the mobile version only. Tip: always close your work and sync with Dropbox upon finishing. Not doing so results in conflicting files and possibly loss of some material.
  • Very poor tutorial

    By krissy73064
    I have spoken with many writers who use the desktop version of this software and they all loved it. Imagine my excitement when Scrivener came out with an iPad version, but if you have never used the desktop top version it can be very confusing. I read the tutorial and was still lost. I have a friend who is a technical editor and I actually made an appointment to have him help me and after I know how to use it I am sure I will love it.