• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2015-05-21
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 111.64 MB
  • Developer: Discord, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 601 938


Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the iOS app you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. It is perfect for chatting with team members, seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed. Download Discord and experience modern game communication: - Voice chat: Join voice channels and chat with your group - Real-time text messaging: Share video, gifs, emojis in text rich chat - Push notifications: Never miss a thing with @mentions and direct messages - Instant invite: Easily add friends to your server by sharing the Instant Invite link - Direct messages: Send one-to-one private messages - Multiple server support: Manage all your game groups in one client - Channel categories: Organize and customize your channel listings - Roles & Permissions: Robust permission system that lets you assign customized roles to any user - Video Chat: See your friends in the wild (or their couch) - Stay connected: Access Discord voice and text chat while AFK Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at support@discordapp.com. Information about Discord Nitro subscriptions: - Nitro gives you access to cool chat perks, such as animated emojis and a boosted upload rate everywhere you use Discord, including the desktop app and at discordapp.com. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription. - You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase. - Read our terms of service and privacy policy for more information. Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://discordapp.com/privacy



  • It’s ok...

    By hun boo
    I hate when I have to verify my email like..it’s my email I can’t do nothing about it I’m not a bot if you could help with my email I will be happy!, Thx! :D
  • Im just almost 12...

    By Alex is your boy
    Poeple have been doing this to me like i told them im almost 12 but they said Almost? And then they’re just gonna tell and tell...I downloaded this app to talk to my friends! But poeple have been doing this to me ever since i downloaded it..please make the age for everyone.
  • Mute notifies?

    By FaithCross
    Can muted conversation NOT show theres a new message in it? Really wanted zero notifications from them & mute doesnt seem to do that. Still wish can hold click the group & mark as read but that feature isnt available yet mobile.
  • Just A Suggestion That Should Be Taken Into Consideration!

    By Alli627
    Discord overall is such a great app, and I use it quite often, but I believe there should be a feature added because it’s quite frustrating that many other texting apps include this feature while Discord does not. Reading Receipts. This would be a setting that when toggled on, it would show that you’ve read a message, and when it was read. This time stamp could be placed directly next to the time stamp for that message. It could even be a two tier setting if needed, for example, the first tier being “Messages will be marked read when viewed.” And the second tier being “Read Receipts will include time read.” This would be extremely useful for people for the people who just use Discord to text.
  • I’ve used discoed for 5yrs 3yrs nitro

    By BetterDiscord
    My calls lose connection way to often. Nitro needs more benefits and the server badges should be included in normal nitro. Also add different themes, we are bored of the same old grey look. It’s a gaming platform but the design looks like a jail cell. We want more customization. Text effects in our names, a way to close group dms with out abandoning the group, and status and a profile page like MySpace. You need to capitalize on this sick foundation you have. You have our attention now keep delivering before someone does it better
  • Terrible

    By wow thats taken
  • Mobile app needs NSFW tags

    By Garhead31
    I can not mark a photo as NSFW. Please fix
  • I can’t see anything

    By Bianca slam
    I downloaded the app to play in a smash bro tournament but I can seem to access anything. The screen is constantly gray and says people are typing but displays no messages. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled with nothing. I am not sure maybe I just got unlucky with the app
  • Please read

    By shsujxn
    Dear discord, I really love discord so much!!! But you can delete dms! Please change that please. I wanna delete all chats and when you remove the chat and they chat you bck you see all the chats!!!!😔 PLEASEEEE let it be easier to delete dms. Thank you!
  • I can’t get into the app

    By Mono._.cosplays
    I don’t know about anybody else but discord won’t let me make an account or log into my other one. Uninstalled it and now when I click on the app it only shows the discord logo with a grey screen a tried clicking it and everything but it won’t open I left it open on that screen for over 20 mins and nothing happened, can someone tell me how to fix this? 😭😫
  • It’s just bad

    By Soultakerbull
    The title speaks for itself
  • Nice features and cross platform but buggy

    By J Hale Kitty Jonathan
    I like having chat, voice, screen share across windows and iOS. I wish gifs didn’t crash the app. Sometimes it loads and there’s just a black screen and I have to reinstall the app. Also on windows there are a ton of updates that slow down startup a lot.
  • Me and the bois

    By NotKong
    Bro me and the bois always call in discord as us bois can get the diamonds on Minecraft, the grind don’t stop, kings. Keep your J’s on.
  • Spotify Connection??

    By BlyzeFury
    Discord is a great platform apart from a big I found. I connected my Spotify account and it won’t no matter how hard I try show as my status.
  • Discord

    By shnsjsnxbjs
    I like it
  • Weird tech issues

    By Kristerina
    App has been cool, with nice updates to make it as functional as the computer app. But as of yesterday (maybe when the computer app was updated?), it will not connect at all. (And yes, this started *before* I installed the new iOS.) Rebooting phone doesn’t do anything. I reinstalled the app and now pressing the “login” button doesn’t do anything. So... good luck with this app and I hope it works better for you if you decide to use it.
  • it won't work

    By hkloolkvcx
  • Discord issue

    By ke.isha.
    U just realized that you can’t put longer video on there! Can you please fix that
  • More colors

    By marshin (discord)
    We need more colors for roles
  • Bruh

    By Popyo9
  • Discord keeps crashing

    By ro pipe
    Discord is not loaded in with pictures my WiFi is all connected please fix the servers and discord keeps crashing everytime I go on my server
  • great app, but iOS troubles

    By philipnicotra
    Love discord, use it for all online communication. However, I installed the app in my phone but whenever I open it I just see the discord logo and it never actually loads? Any help? Need your help devs.
  • It Refuses to Load

    By soggy_moggy
    I’m having difficulty connecting to Discord. Whenever I open up the app it just shows the logo. It’s been doing this for 8 hours. Please fix it. August 14th, 2019: It has continued to not connect. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing happened. It only does this to my iPhone. (FYI, when I open up the app, it doesn’t send me to the main loading screen. It just shows the logo). August 15, 2019: Oh never mind
  • My Authenticator isn’t working

    By tepigfirepig
    My Authenticator isn’t working and I don’t have any of my backups what am I supposed to do?
  • Discord

    By 3spiked
    Discord is a very great app to be in I can talk to my friends and other stuff but there is a problem when I post many things on a group I made its lags and I can’t do anything please fix it.
  • To laggy

    By Xander Shea
    This app works great and I love using it but I’m a host of a server and when I’m in a call with my friends we all cut it out so much but I cut out the most when I’m the host. We are all in a 30 minute to 1 hour drive of each other so we should not be cutting out
  • Yes

    By Marigoldylocks
    very good
  • nitro

    By rvcp_
    it’d be great if you’ll add google plays balance because I want to buy it with using my sim
  • Mannnnn

    By nini nm
    N no mi. Mom I’mi
  • You can’t save PNG images anymore AHHHHHHHHHHH

    By FranklinOkoronkwo722
    Please make it so I can save gifs and PNGs. This new update doesn’t let me. The gifs end up being just one frame screenshot and PNGs end up with white backgrounds. It makes me sad :((
  • Ummm

    By thatonebaby💋
    Discord is a great app but at times it’s a real pain they have amazing ways to meet and chat and even talk to others but then u have it where discord won’t load for 3 days and won’t let u access the app and it takes forever to load
  • Amazing, but doesn't work on ios 9.3.5

    By a nicknameeeeer
    I love discord. It's an amazing app and i use it in my daily life. I've never gotten any errors wit it and use it on my browser on phone, but I'm annoyed that i can't use it on my ipad which runs ios 9.3.5. Whenever I try to use it on my ipad, the app just starts up like normal, then the tops says connecting, but then the app crashes after that. I'll continue to use it even after this though, since I love it and it's amazing. Will rate 5 stars if they ever fix the 9.3.5 ios crash glitch.
  • Minecraft

    By XERO_FN
    Creeper Aw Man
  • How Unfortunate...

    By hehndncjslwk f
    I’ve used Discord for awhile now, I’ve always used my iPad and earlier in the week I ran into a issue but figured it would go away. It did not. Every time I go back to look up on my texts and stuff I can’t scroll up, Now my friend who uses her phone can’t scroll up but I thought that was because her screen was so small but with a iPad, that’s not the case, could you please fix this? Thank you

    By Jet-destroyer
    This is cool because when u call them then u leave discord u can still talk to them and u can play roblox with them and anything ELSE!
  • I love this app

    By Tivonley1
    This app is amazing it is so cool I rate five star
  • Best Voice

    By DarkSkull426
    Compared to the Xbox app Discord’s quality is way better and mic delay isn’t an issue.
  • Important

    By David/Kevin
    Please add the ability to change role colours to custom hexes instead of the same default colours on mobile, like you can do on comp. ty <3
  • Plz listen to meh 😅

    By fadlt
    This is actually really good one of my “top ten getting apps” ! So I actually do recommend this app 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ♥️
  • PC is broken

    By FxG Spartan
    Randomly switched without consent from showing a special folder of all photos on my computer when I go to send attachments to showing my whole hard drive, which is a problem because it’s impossible for the user themself to find and access the folder discord originally pulled from
  • Clean, but not functional and buggy

    By Funkemunky
    The Discord app is beautiful, but it is so limited and has usability issues compared to the desktop app. Here’s a few I can list that are a problem for me almost every time I use it: - When tagging someone, it doesn’t actually register the tag but just sends it as plain text. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds before pressing enter so it registers properly. - You can’t modify roles from the user profile menu like you can on desktop. Do you have to go all the way through server settings and then search for the user. This is especially painful if the user’s name contains mostly special characters that are at times not on my phone keyboard. - This is the most glaring one for me. Even if you put yourself on Do Not Disturb inside the discord app, it still sends a push notifications unlike the desktop app. Like I put myself on DND do I don’t see notifications. It doesn’t vibrate my phone or send a ping noise when my phone is locked. But, while I’m using my phone it still vibrates and pings me. The main problem is I don’t want to see them at all!! Garrrgghh! If these can be fixed, I’ll gladly change my review to a 5 star.
  • Mic issues

    By rick.exe
    Can’t use mic, everything else is fine
  • Gay

    By booming balls
    Gay great for homos
  • ALMOST Perfect

    By 88_Joe
    app runs beautifully, is enjoyable to use, but PLEASE get rid of having to see a giant block every time a blocked user posts something. the point of blocking someone is so ya dont have to read their messages yet its impossible to avoid since its still in the thread.
  • A lot of problems.

    By Robloxfunkid_999
    Hello Discord! I am having serious issues and problems with the app. It really frustrated me out, I really wanna join ITSFUNNEH'S Discord server, I am trying to register, it says "account already registered" can we just make multiple accounts with the same E-mail? I have always wanted to use Discord, it frustrates me out a lot I mean a lot I am really sad this happens. I really wish I could give 5 stars, but since this is a very disappointing issue, I will give it 3 stars. I have tried to contact, send things to you guys it would never work. It always says something went wrong, or invite invalid. I don't understand but I really want it fixed, I wanna contact Its funneh, but don't know how. Thank you! - a disappointed user :(
  • Translation

    By Fuego Drago
    I wish they had an English translation
  • Using for years but never wrote a review

    By shuguy1234
    This app is so good I literally use it every day I love just wish that the settings for the mic are better every time my cousin uses discord the mic isn't working we use pcs but review from phone I've use his headphones on mine and mine headphones on his but I "think" it might be discord
  • Needs to be better....

    By sndldoeiekensmf
    Stupid that I can’t send my dang pictures..... And I’m not gonna pay to do it that’s kinda lame.
  • It’s fine.

    By yogibeefit
    The app on pc is great. The mobile versions of the app are very different from the pc version. Both lack: Still don’t have ability to customize chat channel titles. Text customization extremely limited. Role functions could be more dynamic.