• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2015-05-21
  • Current Version: 3.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 97.39 MB
  • Developer: Discord, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 750 159


Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the iOS app you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. It is perfect for chatting with team members, seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed. Download Discord and experience modern game communication: - Voice chat: Join voice channels and chat with your group - Real-time text messaging: Share video, gifs, emojis in text rich chat - Push notifications: Never miss a thing with @mentions and direct messages - Instant invite: Easily add friends to your server by sharing the Instant Invite link - Direct messages: Send one-to-one private messages - Multiple server support: Manage all your game groups in one client - Channel categories: Organize and customize your channel listings - Roles & Permissions: Robust permission system that lets you assign customized roles to any user - Video Chat: See your friends in the wild (or their couch) - Stay connected: Access Discord voice and text chat while AFK Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected] Information about Discord Nitro subscriptions: - Nitro gives you access to cool chat perks, such as animated emojis and a boosted upload rate everywhere you use Discord, including the desktop app and at discordapp.com. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription. - You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase. - Read our terms of service and privacy policy for more information. Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://discordapp.com/privacy



  • Works BUT the update pages from last year won’t STOP

    By UnknowerUser
    Please fix this, it’s annoying me like crazy
  • Liked it

    By Obvious Daisy
    I love discord. I never had any problem with it or had anything bad to say about it either. I even sign up to be a staff at the discord fast food server. That’s when the problem started. Discord didn’t investigate the problem very well and my account got disabled for joining servers too quickly. I mean, first of all, it was my job to deliver stuff, and secondly, why disable an account for such a stupid reason! I mean, why can’t they just warn us or have a cool down on joining servers...
  • Syupi

    By yourmumisbloned
  • Best Messageing App

    By LolYourBadKidd
    This Is So Good If You Want To Play Or Talk To People
  • Problem fixed

    By Blackduckfury
    Thanks for the help I made a new one and so far so good thanks for considering me.
  • I know “What’s New”

    By Nikolas Alvelo
    Hey developers, the “What’s New” pop-up opens every time I open the application, it’s getting a bit tiresome to have to close it on every application switch. Please ticket and get to it when you can fit in a fix. Appreciate all you do, shoutout to my fellow mobile devs crushing it on such a world-changing app!
  • Great way to join a gaming community

    I play a 20 year old game which not many people play anymore. The only people I knew who played it were my high school friends and they eventually stopped. On this app I was able to find lots of people who enjoyed the same game and who could give me advice or just talk about it.
  • Discord is

    By JJ_1225
  • Very good and feature rich

    By P.T. Dansie
    I love almost everything about this app. I love the way it integrates its call system with iOS. It is very easy to use, and is a great way to communicate. There are only two things I would like improved: 1) system integration with the light mode/dark mode 2) ability to reply straight from notifications Other than that, 10/10 for this apl
  • Pictures Getting blanked

    By AmeerMohammed11
    Don’t get me wrong discord is good but when I send pictures to my friends it’s black it’s blank when I deleted it and installed it again it’s still blank pls fix this discord
  • It’s not letting me see the screenshots..

    By no..Just No
    whenever me and my friend tries to send each other screenshots it’s just blank..Please fix it..
  • Gamer

    By Discord Epic Gamer
    This is the greatest app I’ve ever downloaded. 5 stars
  • Great but it needs to fix one thing

    By fhdjdjdjejsjuddj
    So for me I have a iPhone 7+ and every two days or so I have delete it and download it again this is just annoying and the reason is. Is that it won’t let me get in straight away unless I do this so please fix this discord other then that it’s great service
  • Reactions not working

    By Strawberries1517
    I love discord but on iOS mobile you can’t react to anything? The reactions aren’t working
  • Can’t send anything

    By DarkLuxer
    I can’t send messages to my friends or any chat groups
  • Can’t Open App

    By YaMoYoYa
    For some reason I can’t open to app anymore, it’s started 2 days ago, plz help
  • Oof

    By imacatandpatato
    I like cake
  • Fix photos

    By yeskappa69
    Photos are out of order so I can’t post memes without searching through all of them. I’m also getting booted out of my photo library when scrolling, so I generally have to start over again. Both of these happen with the limited/quick view of my photo library and when I go to ‘view all’.
  • Problems

    By Ttahseen1967
    Two problems first : pree any link from any app don’t go directly to Discord it’s go to App Store. Second: any file link in Discord app to download a file can’t open it’s only shows blank page
  • Great but just one problem...

    By UnicornLoverZ_101
    So I’ve been using discord on my pc for a while and decided to download it on my phone. I opened the app and it began to show the Discord logo and a loading circle beneath it. I waited for a minute and it didn’t load. I restarted the app and gave it around five minutes to load. After that I deleted the app and reinstalled it. That didn’t work either. I’m not sure how to fix it, but though the app doesn’t work right now, Discord is still amazing :D
  • Amazing app

    By why do i write these
    Soooo useful thx to creators
  • Login

    By VirusKniGht1245
    I got my phone repaired so i had to get discord again and i tried logging in and it says “new login location please check your email” i’m not sure what that means, so i thought i should register. So i put the same email that i had logged in on the phone i had on the phone before and it said “already registered”, something like that. Now i can’t even use discord
  • thanks

    By BobIsSayingYuppyyyy
    i thank you for the chat when im bored i just use this app good job for makeing it ,it help me hit 11 subscribers
  • Photos

    By CrazyAsianBoii
    I think u should be able to have access to your different albums in your photo so it will be easier to find the photo because u have to much photo u have to look through.
  • Private channels

    By ThatGuyFinn
    I own my own server and I have a lot of other servers I’m in but every time I move someone from a different voice chat to my private one it kicks them and that is very irritating after a while other than that I love discord.
  • Really good, but bad for kids

    By ujseudhx
    So, I’m not hating on this app trust me it’s a GREAT app I would use it all the time. It has Calls, Video-chats and Game chats it’s a great app to chat to gamers and other people. Though there are some problems that are bad for kids (1. Nudity.) So basically there are chat-rooms like Nude-Ultra and all that stuff and I know this app is for kids but like “NUDES?” This game was designed for kids and should probably get to have a great childhood then rather scrolling through a bunch of nudes in a app. So I would suggest you to remove or do a update where the app would be supervised so nobody can post pictures of nudes where there is almost 80% kids and 20% adults. So I suggest you add where people get banned for a month if they send nudes, and ban them permanently if they have been banned for an month 3 times already. (2. Video chats) Kids would like to talk to people rather then text cause I would do that. But there is a bad problem about it, when kids Video Chat Call (VCC) they would be talking to strangers, like people they met on a different app and added each other on Discord one person might give questions like “Where do you live” or “What’s your password for your account” and someone might fall for it, giving the other person their personal information, that might lead to scamming, hacking, lose-of-personal-infomation, so I would suggest only to Video-Chat the people you added for at least 2 months or up. Now I’m not hating I would just recommend these 2 things to make it better and safer for kids to talk to other kids.
  • I used to love it, but now, DOES NOT WORK!

    By Dbgchannel123
    I love this app, but, now, if I try to enter the app, IT CRASHES, and yes, I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded MANY times, and I tried making a new account, BUT IT NEVER WORKS! Discord, if you read this, FIX THIS APP!
  • Good asf

    By KaendiKane
    This app is the best app 💯
  • !

    By Martaczy
    I love to use discord - Even if I recently got bullied on the app. But I would appreciate if the call wouldn’t show on the lock screen. -
  • A really good app

    By Mr.NeedleHouse
    Discord is a really good app its a good platform for chatting with friends and its good for making friends and plus you can join servers and join communities and with this app i met a lot of friends who are my best friends today but the only problem is the toxic people who think its funny to be a rat but still its a really good platform to meet new friends make make new friends
  • Nice and gamer chat.

    By Koala YT
    I find this cool! 5 stars! This is the best Gamer Chat I know. Thanks to the creators for creating this!
  • Big hug drain the wick Johnson eat the gotto

    Yes oh yea
  • It’s

    By fzgxhfydgkd
    It’s trash and slow
  • Phone app needs much work

    By Columbus1996
    This app exits out every five minutes. Please work on this app.
  • Discord’s bad side

    By Yadriel08
  • Suggestion

    By Npp0226
    Can you add going live on mobile?
  • How come there no GIF button?

    By Dullaron
    On the Android version it have a GIF button.
  • Many bugs and performance issues

    By ur neighbor sam
    These R some of my problems with the app on ios 13.3 iphone 7plus: 1. Manytimes i press home or power button the call disconnects. 2. The mute and speaker buttn dont work properly. 3. Call always show up on lock screen and i have to press power again to shut screen off. 4. When in a call, the volume of other apps like youtube etc. reduces alot that i barely can understand what the videos saying. 5. Battry consuming 6. Servers keep disconnecting manytimes. Honestly im using discord byforce because my job depends on it and for sure i would change it to other apps if the app keeps having problems.
  • The app is boring

    By Michael A Kahre
    This app is so boring Because People just keep calling me and It is annoying me
  • Enjoy but

    By AriaHartwick
    I really enjoy this app I just wish there was a way to make the font bigger. On the app and on my laptop. Even with glasses I sometimes have a hard time reading it.
  • Subscribe To Wrath Cft

    By TinCone7488308
    Subscribe Tk Wrath Cft
  • Bugs

    By posiondath20000
    It’s a good site you just need to work up a little bit of bugs here in there and then I bet you guys will be able to get it done no problem but other than that it’s a really good site and I like it
  • discord is meh please read

    By luke's story for this game
    i don’t give it a 5 star because discord gets random calls. so i got in trouble when my friend called me cause my mom told me to not call people you don’t know and that’s all.
  • Good but bad

    By coolboyforday
    I want to talk to people but they never on plz let me
  • Bugs

    By jojomxdnight
    I have a found a few bugs on the mobile app, I don’t like how when you see a message notification, you cannot access your settings or friend a user at the time.
  • Dhhxh

    By hotkok
  • Can’t mention and messier

    By 24DNPH
    When clicking the avatar of someone the mention option doesn’t appear
  • Yeet

    By Andernoob1
  • Mobile app

    By ferg1996
    It’s not good at all mobile for me. I always have problems with my voice not working and lagging out even when I’m on WiFi and should have a good connection. I’ve tried using data and it doesn’t help. Every time I close the app I leave the voice chat. I’ve deleted and redownloaded multiple times and nothing. Serious bug fixes for the mobile app need to be made in my opinion. PC version is much better. I want to love discord because it’s awesome but it just doesn’t work for me.