Discord - Talk, Chat, Hang Out

Discord - Talk, Chat, Hang Out

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2015-05-21
  • Current Version: 57.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 147.10 MB
  • Developer: Discord, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 405 286


Discord is your place to talk. Create a home for your communities and friends, where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. CREATE AN INVITE-ONLY PLACE TO TALK • Organized text channels give you plenty of room to talk. Share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night, or just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. • Voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. Friends can see you’re around and pop in to talk, without having to call. • Reliable tech for staying close. Low latency voice and video feels like you’re in the same room. STAY CLOSE WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO • Wave hello over video, watch friends stream their games, or gather up and have a drawing session with screen share. • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends. • Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR A FEW OR A FANDOM • Custom moderation tools and permission levels can group up your friends, organize your local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world. • Create moderators, give special members access to private channels, and much more.



  • b

    By Gsjxgwbekdvefjrj
    this is a ok i just don’t like the way it functions
  • Helpfull

    By That one random ginger
    I like this app because now I can play a game on google that’s called skeld.net witch is also same thing of skeld in among us but different and another thing why it’s helpfull is because I can see my friends and don’t go to there house since there’s corona
  • good but litterly broken

    By Chumachexurb
    it's a good app and all but it's telling me to do my account information and when i click done nothing happens
  • Captcha Doesn’t work

    By hayjoe1000000000001993101010
    I’ve clicked like 500 pictures of busses but can’t log in.
  • Discord good

    By Divinarica
    It s rely good 😩👉👌
  • Excellent Advice

    By cmleo105
    Discord is certainly the best place to get advice that will allow advancement in MSF.
  • ermmm?????? hello???

    By plebbert
    good app but uh make pins unlimited please pl
  • Best app ever I can play with my friend and moreeeee.

    By DNK gaming
    Just come on check it for your self
  • Flipping Awesome

    By Anthony Mead
    This App is Really really Dope.
  • It almost got 5 stars from the editor!

    By ay And ar
    It’s true that this is one of the editor’s choices but unfortunately they are not fully iOS capable.
  • Discord

    By Arjan Pahwa
    I love Discord because I can chat with friends and join servers.
  • disappointed

    By bgfhhhhggfrhh
    when y’all updated discord my account went away .
  • epic

    By TheQuasher
  • Awesome!

    By bastforme
    Great service!
  • Really!!

    By Gen x robogezer
    You find the bicycles!!!
  • It was fine at first, but then the glitches happened.

    By gfbtgtyzicusuui Zi
    Today I decided reset my acc because of all the glitches so I did so and logged back in and I was not able to return to all my groups, This app may be the reason I won’t have a social life during the pandemic and I may loose all my friends due to this.
  • Won’t even let me In the app

    By DTK Prez
    I have tried everything restarting my phone my WiFi deleting and reinstalling it won’t let me In the app
  • Good chat

    By callieskneehehe
    Very good chat app.

    By Big Chungus 0981
  • Amazing!

    By partyboy!636484
    This app is great it is easy to sign up for, use, and it’s fun! I would recommend this app!
  • Something wrong

    By lildijahe
    It’s not letting me get in the app it’s talking highly to long to open and it keep saying connection even tho my connection is good and it’s not letting me see my messages
  • Great

    By SN_Donut
  • GG

    By Vertex (Vex)
    Gamer Moment, 11/10 would definitely play again
  • Spotify Feature

    By Kyle Bowlin
    It barely ever shows that I am listening to Spotify so it’s just a minor bug that i’ve noticed and have gone through for a while. I’ve also tried every solution there is.
  • It’s good

    By uncorn skunk
    I like it but i kinda don’t like how you whave to sign in your password when you want to change your password but I get why so it’s really good
  • Obviously a great app, but...

    By x WutTheDuck x
    I’m calling discord out on the fact that I’m being charged a monthly subscription, just so I can send files (videos, gif’s, etc) to friends. This feels scummy and should in no way be locked behind a paywall. At the very least it should be bumped from 8mb to 11mb. This is ridiculous
  • An amazing app for gaming and talking to friends

    By tyygerdos
    This is such a good app if you want to play any game with your friends talking to them even if they don’t have a mic.
  • Good App

    By Its_IzzyT
    I used to talk to my cousin and play roblox with him on Snapchat but it kept kicking us out the call and now discord doesn’t. This app is good for finding new friends.
  • Can you put your age for account?

    By Noah Sanchez Nunez
    I do not want to use this until I know if I can put an age.
  • Review

    By Mr. Gacha Life
    I love discord but i think mobile users should have the option to add a announcements channel and stuff like that
  • Quote

    By SupressedSniper123
    Discord is a good app and I can talk to my friends but there is one problem, I want quote back. I liked quote because I can quote my own messages without saying anything. My friends also really liked quote and we like it better than reply. I think discord would be a better app if there was quote back. Thanks
  • Problem.

    By DJ_Wolves
    So, I really love using the app Discord, In my opinion it’s the best social app out there! But there's a problem... For when I’m in a call, when the other person speaks I just can’t hear them, though the green circle appears around the person speakings pfp, I’m unable to hear them. Both me and my friends are having this problem where we can’t hear each other, hopefully this problem gets fixed and so that everyone else that has this problem won’t have to deal with it! Thank you.
  • Unhelpful discord support

    By crookrtk
    I love this app, although recently my account has been disabled, I got hacked and whoever hacked me got me disabled. I've contacted support and got the same response from the “Clyde” bot. I don’t know how to get in contact with an actual human. Please discord, help me out.
  • Discord

    By Bigshlongkong123
    Great app
  • Its a good app but i dont know why butitd not letting me send videos

    By hi im wifi
    By wyatt
  • Great!

    By ooofer boy
    I like it tbh you make new friends! You can ask friends on roblox to friend them on here! Once you make friends with them you make more!! It’s great customizable server and everything!
  • It’s but but there is one thing that bothers me

    By L0rEM 1psuM
    Whenever I join some servers it says that the messages failed to load and when I try to click try again nothing happens.I would like it if that gets fixed.
  • This latest update has Discord going too slow

    By Chiefsoap
    It takes forever to load a server, when it’s finally loaded, custom colors aren’t properly working. Whatever update that was made is a step backwards.
  • Disabled account for no reason

    By Pinapple and Nang
    So I was just chatting with friends on my account, and guess what? For some reason I log in and says my account has been disabled. I only am in servers with my friends so idk how I for disabled for breaking terms of service. Smh. Fix this now.
  • Spotify problems

    By daikonzz
    When I disconnected my Spotify, I wanted to add a different account. When I try it keeps auto connecting to the one account. It keeps doing that and I tried the help page, but it didn’t help. It just kept connecting to the one account.
  • Efficient

    By Universe-X
    It works, no problem
  • Something that’s Discord should have

    By Minhal.N
    Discord is great and all but it should really have the feature of voice messages, so when you can’t be on a call or when you don’t wanna text a lot you can just say it.
  • my device is suffering trying to enter video calls

    By Sameem
    so bad also takes forever to load when opening the app, freezes when you change profile picture
  • Love Discord!

    By bigboyjaijai
    I love the fact that I can just click the tab and talk to my friends at any time! Also I can change my online status, I love that also. love this app😁❤️
  • My opinion

    Dont get me wrong, Discord is a very good app! but, I can't even log into my account. And it's saying wring password and email and I had just logged in last night. Please fiz my problem!
  • Discord

    By Review 08
    honestly discord is a good app but it glitches on my phone and drain the battery so much the update wasn’t really the best but it’s okay
  • A good gamer app

    The best app for gamers I’m not bot
  • Terrible support team

    By AJTokez
    Me and many others I know have been emailed at random times for “harassing, threatening, or being in a server that has done this” which leads to mass bans of people who have no idea what has gone on and doesn’t provide any reasoning or proof to the claims. I have had my accounts for years as well, so it is disappointing at the very least. I would not recommend
  • Just a review

    By theonlynottakennickname
    I would give it five stars, great app. BUT [email protected]$ING COME ON PEOPLE, AGE RANGE (12+) NOOOOOOO. Discord is full of lots of chill people, some mean people, and lots of servers. This app despite being really good, has given birth to the biggest internet degenerates since 4chan trolls. If you’re reading this, wait until your kid is at LEAST 15, before letting them touch this app. Lots of servers people can stumble across are filled with furries, pedos, and e-daters left and right.