Tip Yourself - Save Money App

Tip Yourself - Save Money App

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2016-01-29
  • Current Version: 4.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 60.33 MB
  • Developer: Tip Yourself co
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 264


FREE, Easy, Fun and Rewarding way to Save Money. You tip everyone else, but what about yourself? Save Money for Vacation. Save for an Emergency Fund. Save to pay off debt! It's your own Tip Jar! Save Money. Get Motivated. Build Good Habits. ****************************************** √ Made it to the gym... √ Raise your credit score... √ Make a Budget... √ Skipped an impulse purchase... √ Made a healthy food choice... √ Got that long todo list completed... Heck, for no reason at all. You Earned it!... Tip Yourself! HOW IT WORKS ****************************************** Tip Yourself allows you to transfer small dollar amounts from your checking account into your own secure Tip Jar. There are ABSOLUTELY NO FEES ****************************************** Use Tip Yourself as a Vacation Fund, a Rainy-day Savings Fund, or to just to Reward Yourself!! Tip Yourself Pro Membership ****************************************** Tip Yourself Pro is an optional yearly membership that gives you full access to all the advanced Tip Yourself features such as the Automated or Hidden Tip Jar and allows you to add up to 10 Tip Jars. Tip Yourself Pro is $9.99 per year and automatically renews unless turned off in your Account Settings at least 24-hours before the end of your one-year membership. Payment is charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your Tip Yourself Pro subscription can be managed and auto-renew turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. For full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: https://www.tipyourself.com/privacy-policy.html https://tipyourself.com/terms-of-use.html WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING ****************************************** LifeHacker: "Tip Yourself Is Like a Virtual Savings Jar!" Oprah.com: "Finally quit smoking? Hit the gym early? Why not tip yourself?" REAL SIMPLE: "Tip Yourself lets you create personal challenges, large and small (such as paying off your car or saving $20 on coffee in a week). It adds up" Mental Floss: "Essentially, it’s a goal-tracking and savings app in one" START TODAY ****************************************** Download today and start saving money! Tip Yourself! You Earned it!



  • Great response

    By T-pops123
    Customer service answered my question within one hour of me writing it!!
  • Yay they fixed it!

    I LOVE this app!! Was having some log in issues but it was because of the updates... it’s fixed now! I love this app! The concept of if! I use it to reward myself for my good habits & then I’ll reward myself at the end♥️ very cool to reach short term goals!🤗 been dying to find an app like this so thank you🥰
  • Can’t log in! Bug?

    By BrokeNCYDES biggest fan
    App now will not let me log in as of this morning. I can’t manually log in or use my Facebook login anymore. Please fix soon. Otherwise I love this app! This is the app I’ve been waiting for to save myself money!
  • Sign in Problem

    By Ughh🤦‍♀️
    TipYourself app keeps signing me out of my account and now I’m trying to sign in, it keeps saying Login Error and when I attempt to change the password I get a Reset Password Error.
  • Can't get my money!

    By User2016.801
    I have liked this app but am now getting an error whenever i try to log in. I want my money back. I rather put it in the bank where I can get it whenever i need. I need help on this issue.
  • Can’t log in.!!!

    By BlaxMagx
    Hi I’m having a problem logging in and it won’t let me reset my password and in all seriousness I need to log in to get my money!!
  • App won’t open

    By Cjmboo72
    I was just able to log in earlier now the app won’t let me get into the app is the site down or something?
  • Love this app!

    By Kad9k
    I’ve always wanted a way to put small amounts of money aside because of things like coupon-clipping or skipping a manicure. I use this app more for that than rewarding myself for the gym etc, but it works really well! I find I go the extra mile more often to save on gas or put back an impulse purchase since it is satisfying to put that money in my “jar.” I really do recommend this as a fun little addition to a more robust savings plan.
  • TipYourself

    By tip yourself
    Wait and see!
  • Great app!!

    By Oh Tee
    It's super easy for me to put away a few bucks & don't even notice when I look at my bank account. I love it.
  • Awesome App!

    By Chee-Choo
    What I love about TipYourself is that I “forget” it’s there. I tip myself $5 every time I exercise but sometimes I’ll go weeks before I add those amounts in my tip jar. Before I know it I have a tidy sum. It’s “out of sight, out of mind” but it adds up!
  • Treat yo self- tip yourself!

    By Kimmykl
    Omg this is such a fun and easy way to save money!! 💸 💰Just a pat on the back when I do something positive and all of a sudden my tip jar has over $500!! This money is ME money set away for a special massage or new shoes. I earned it in small increments so I don't feel guilty spending it. ❤️ Such a great community to share positivity!!! I love getting ideas from other tippers! Great customer service- I get response in minutes to any questions or concerns! High five Tip Yourself!!
  • I love it !

    By Yrag2112
    Just one small suggestion, it would be great if you could hide/show your tip jar
  • Great for practicing financial discipline

    By DareionB
    This app is great for those who want to save money for anything, whether it be recreation or anything else. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with saving little bits of money. It’s easy to use, and your peers are there to encourage you. 5/5
  • Changed the way I save

    By Fromalloverrrr
    Nothing is more annoying than seeing my savings account balance every time I open up my bank app lol. This app has allowed me to save so much over the course of the last year. Literally the only app I’ve ever paid membership for. Thank you to whoever created this!
  • Reinstalling this app

    By Tran4mom
    I used TY to save up money for a trip last summer - very easy and fun! When I fell upon some financial hard times, I stopped saving. Realized today I need this back in my life. It made me feel better to just hit save $1.00 on some days! Starting the new year with some good habits, this app at least makes saving money easy!
  • Love this App!

    By MasterBH
    Such a great way to save for goals and to save money in general! So many great features and support!
  • Excellent Way to Save

    By Nonsnona
    For those of us who know that saving is essential, yet think- I really don’t have enough money to save— this app enforces the fact that we all must and can save no matter how limited our income. This app is a fun and easy way to save. That said——-Of course, having been scammed by so called financial institutions before, the anxiety is — is this another?? However, the app is great.
  • Needs ability to lock app with pin or FaceID

    By smj0412
    Great app, but needs security so no one can access your tip jars! Pin lock or FaceID would be really helpful!
  • Love it

    By Coco12683
    I have about 3 different tip jars with Pro..It help me so much!!! I have so many goal and plans it’s definitely helping get closer to them.. Love it

    By Enfatuation
    This app is such a scam, it won’t let me withdraw any of my funds and just closes the app instead. I thought this app would really help me save money and it did until I tried to get it back. I just want what’s MINE.
  • Nice and Simple

    By dvlsltlsistr
    I really like this app so far, I feel like it adds an element to my savings goals that I have really been needing. It’s a little like gamification, except the actual rewards are your savings. A couple things that would be cool: an option to make tips amounts under a $1. Not everyone has the ability to be so liberal with their budget, lol. Also, it would be nice to specify what the money will go to, outside of the pull down menu. Like if you are selecting “other” or “specific purchase” it would be nice to have the option to write out what that purchase would be. It would be helpful with organization and motivation.
  • What better way to save??

    By thepopeswife09
    Talk about an intelligent way to save—this app allows you to “set it, and forget it”. Money that is out of sight, becomes out of mind, and you are less inclined to spend it on a whim. With my regular bank account, it’s much to easy to transfer and withdraw funds at a moment’s notice (leading to impulse spending), but with TipYourself, I get reminders to add money to my account, but if I want to make a withdrawal I have to exhibit some patience because it’s not immediate. It has to be a well-planned purchase since it takes several hours to a couple of days for me to access the money. I find it to be very helpful with managing my money wisely. Highly recommend. 👍
  • Love this app

    By beantyu
    This app is amazing! I have a hard time saving money when it’s easy to get to but having this separate app that holds money I put away helps me save the money and I’m not tempted to use it! Might be my only way of saving money now
  • amazing app

    By eternalprana
    love love this tip yourself!
  • I love this app

    By 860hinman
    I have been using TY for only two months now but I love it. Once I've got used to it, I've became addicted and started saving some side cash. It also encouraged some better behavior. For example, I tip myself $10 everyday I pack lunch. On top of that, I do not have any notifications etc enabled. I don't need it. They don't send scammy emails, either. So, I don't feel like I'm being nagged all the time. It is a good app. Highly recommend.
  • Love this app hands down

    By Tha_kidd08
    The best app for saving money and user friendly
  • Great!

    By Mlcoen
    I decided to try this app even though I am usually very wary of having apps linked to my bank accounts. I have never had a problem with this app. You can choose to tip yourself any amount you want whenever you want. Mine usually come out of my account on the next business day. You can then ask for your money to be transferred back to your account whenever you want. For me, this takes about 2 business days so if you want your money on a certain day make sure you plan ahead. The one downside is that you are not earning interest on your money. However, I don’t find this to be a problem because banks pay crummy interest anyway.
  • Stupid

    By winemomm
    This app Litterally stole 23 dollars from my bank account leaving me at a negative number 👎🏻 now I can’t figure out how to get it back
  • Love it

    By Haiti is m'y favorite
    Good way to save money.
  • Amazing

    By Antcelli
    In one word, Amazing!
  • Not too bad

    By Kosmicrockstar
    This app is easy to use and simple to set up and tip yourself, but the big downfall is that it takes too long for the money to transfer. 2-3 business days means my tips have to be planned out and can’t be as spontaneous as if they were instant.
  • Money has been pending for a week

    By kaeladanielle
    Liked the concept but waited 6 days for them to transfer what I wanted to save into the app. Still not in the app but has been taken out of my account and over drafted me thanks to the delay. I did email and was informed about it being a holiday. So I guess that means it takes them a whole week? Disappointed and so much for saving money.
  • It takes way too long to transfer

    By Love Drea
    I tipped myself but it takes so long to TipYourself. Maybe I’ll change the review after my first two tips actually pull hopefully it’s just because I’m new to the app but idk about this one yet.
  • Needs improvement but good idea

    By 72694kkbeans
    Be careful not to overdraft ur bank account, no protection given from app
  • Tip Yourself!

    By Robyn2998
    Someone always said in order to save money, you should always pay yourself first! This app helps you do exactly that, but do it for any reason. Tip yourself just because..Tip yourself because something good happened to you today... Tip yourself to get motivated, and before you know it, your tips turn into your goal!! I love this app!!
  • DONT!!!

    By ahnee01
    please don’t get this app, it’s horrible
  • Amazing App!

    By Mar206
    I love this app so much! I recommend it to everyone. I’m 22, and It’s never too early or late to start Saving money for the future. The app is so easy to use and I can’t say enough good things.
  • Amazing app for saving money!

    By natalie&57
    I am absolutely horrible at saving money, but this app makes it extremely easy, especially for young adults! Currently, I have a part-time job and am saving up for college/college amenities, but I had nowhere to store any money I wanted to be saved. Now, everytime I get a paycheck, I put a certain percentage of it in the app and I feel so much better about saving money. With this app, it’s really easy to put money in and the security impressed me very much. Get this app and TipYourself!!
  • Not what I expected

    By Scorpio baby
    The app is cool. But Digit is much better because it automatically saves for you. Plus, It works for you to save money for instead of you having to manually save yourself. It would be great if it was set up like Digit. Especially for those who are not good at saving money. Digit does all the work for you and before you know it; you have $100 saved and you didn’t even see it but it’s a great surprise when you do see it and it motivates you to keep it there and let it build. I don’t recommend this for everyone. Especially those who have trouble saving. Go try Digit instead. You won’t be sorry.

    By njhirishrose
    The app is so far so good, but I really wish there was an auto tip option so you could set it and forget it and not have to try to remember to put money in your tip jar.

    By Best snap upload appo
    Hands down the best app for saving $$ the small tips add up and u can keep the community of tippers updated on your goals in life! Also a self growth & positive energy app! Everyone on the app is on a mission & accomplishing personal & financial goals 🏆
  • Lost money.

    By kfields1254
    I’ve put roughly $30 in my tip jar. The amounts have come out of my bank, but my tip jars say zero. I tried to reach customer service but couldn’t find a number or email.
  • Great Concept! Transfers take extremely too long!

    By Shay S.P.
    I love the idea! I just wish the money was withdrawn from my bank account faster and funds were added to the jar sooner. If you make frequent tips, be careful to keep an eye on your bank account balance to avoid over drafting your account. It took about a week for my first deposits to be added and actually a week to clear and be added to the jar. The app is still worth using. I’ve already saved more money with the app than I have saved in the past. Since I’m new to using the app, I’m still taking caution. If deposits were faster, I would definitely deposit more frequently.
  • The Help

    By GregCareyNC
    This app helps me with discipline-not being able to get my money right away helps, because when I think I’m having an emergency I can process... (I wish the money cleared faster going through, but it’s still great!)
  • Gave me a $35 overdraft fee

    By S:y:d:n:e:y
    The app said it would take the money out on the 26th. I trusted that was true and they took the money out and then they took it out the day before I got paid and overdrafted me. So I actually lost money using this app. Get digit instead.
  • Transfers take WAYYYYY to long

    By Theeapollo
    I made my first transfer request for $10 on a Saturday so I understood that I’d have to wait for business days but still the estimated clear date was WAY over 2 days. After a week it still was pending but I decided to add 100 for transfer cause I was really looking for a place took keep most my money so I don’t spend it while saving for a laptop. I it though it would be two separate requests but they calculated them together so the pending date was moved a few days but I decided I’ll still wait anyway even though it clearly takes more than 4 day even to clear. NOW for no reason the date was moved again. This is taking too long. I have a student checking account and debit card and 99% of my money is in checks. I just need a place to keep most my money to rapidly save for a laptop and not keep it in my checking account cause I know life likes to give me unexpected expenses. This is clearly not gonna help.
  • Works and a great App!

    By Ronald S.
    This app made me save money so much easier and smarter. Tip yourself is just a great thing to save money for doing simple things like going to work or class. It also makes you think twice before withdrawing your money and it’s completely free no fees or anything like that great app!
  • Need my money

    By upset tipper
    This app doesn’t work and I emailed support and I’m yet to receive a reply