• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-05-28
  • Current Version: 2.11.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 236.96 MB
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 701


Get Timepage – the most intuitive and delightful calendar app you’ll ever use. It's a powerful and fun way to get organised! “Fun to use and provides essential consolidated information in a way that makes you want to use your calendar.” – ZDNet “Moleskine Timepage keeps bringing us these terrific updates and enhancements, making the app better all the time. The exquisite interface and smooth animations already make the app not only beautiful but impressive.” – AppAdvice “The new calendar app Timepage will make you forget the rest.” – Gizmodo –––WHAT’S TIMEPAGE?––– Timepage is a revolutionary smart calendar that is effortless to use. It makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one easy app. Beautiful Design: • Uncluttered, stunning design that let’s you see a whole week at a glance and scroll into the future to see what’s next. • Fully adjustable week calendar to show between five and ten days. • An intuitive month heatmap that instantly shows when you are busy and free • Personalise your calendar with authentic Moleskine themes colors • Apple Watch app with weather, useful travel time complications and glance. Plan Your Day: • See beautifully animated temperature and rainfall forecasts for the day so you know what to wear and how to get around. • Never be late again! Timepage automatically gives you travel time estimates to walk, cycle, drive or catch public transport to your events. • Timepage will give you helpful hints like “2 hours free after this event then Gym at 6pm”. • Widgets for weather and events so essential info is always a swipe away. It Just Works: • The easiest event creation of any calendar app, just type something like “Coffee with George at Monks” and let Timepage take care of the details. • Works with any calendar already on your iPhone like iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, Facebook, Yahoo and CalDAV. • Fast background sync so your events are always up to date when you edit events on the web, your computer or iPad. • Search for events using Spotlight on your iPhone. • Advanced calendar features you need like repeating events, reminders, calendar colours, app icon badge customisation, 24 hour time and more. Download Timepage and make today more productive. –––MEMBERSHIP––– Timepage is a membership service with a free trial. Download the app free to try it out without restriction or registration. After the trial period you can choose to purchase a membership which allows unlimited use across all of your devices. Your calendar data is never deleted by Timepage, regardless of your membership status. Without an active membership, you can still use the app in read-only mode, without weather features. Calendar data will remain synced to your provider of choice (iCloud, Google etc). • Unlimited access on all your devices. • Both monthly and annual options available. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal status in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial peri​od will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: https://moleskine.helpscoutdocs.com/timepage-privacy Terms of Service: https://moleskine.helpscoutdocs.com/timepage-terms –––QUESTIONS?––– If you’ve got a question or something isn’t working quite right, you can contact us directly from the Menu > Help > Contact Support. Got a feature idea? Let us know at https://bonobo.canny.io/timepage –––THANK YOU––– We have put thousands of hours into creating Timepage. We read every single one of your reviews. If you enjoy using Timepage please take a minute to leave us a nice review, thank you!



  • Add travel time look ahead to summary

    By Ducati baby
    Please allow us to see the travel time on the overview screen. It will help to plan end time for other events!
  • Correction

    By BDL2864
    Great app, user error. 5 stars.
  • Really limited features

    By mcrobot
    This is nice but there’s little things that make it hard for me to use. For example, you can change time zone in the app. You also can’t see end times for events. Just start times. It makes hard to see overlaps in appointments. It also automatically invites people when you select them. There is no chance to review for errors.
  • The Look Alone

    By Regina Sayles
    Keeping to a detailed schedule is stressful enough. The layout and ability to change color theme makes looking at my calendar more easy going. Get a desktop version already! Please!!!
  • Now you have to pay to add events?

    By Ashley.castillo
    Loved this app until I stopped using it for a few weeks and I log back in to see that I have to pay to add events now.
  • Quite Good, But Not “There” Yet

    By The Builder....
    After using Timepage for about a month, I must admit that it is a very, very beautiful app. However, the most important element of a calendar app are two things: 1) Its ability to allow you to EASILY input calendar events into the app, and B) searchability. The third thing (which is quite optional, but yet becoming more and more relevant as time progresses) is the ability of the app to show the necessary details of an event on the Apple Watch... First: The ability to easily input calendar events into this app is quite cumbersome. Currently, the app that implements this functionality the best is Fantastical. In Timepage, however, you are forced to a) type in the name of the event, b) choose the calendar you want it in, then, after tapping the check mark button, you then add the location. I tried typing in locations in the event name area, but had no success with it pulling up locations in that area. Second: It’s not easy to search this app. I have to routinely swipe all the way to the right-most panel, then tap the “search” link to search events. Third: On the Apple Watch (specifically in the Modular face), I can see when an event is about to take place (and this is in the largest complication), but when the event takes place, or is going on, it tells you “No More Events”, although you are in the middle of one. If Timepage is able to simply change the complication to say something to the tune of “Until (Event Time is over)”, that would help. Secondly, if they are able to give end users the option of implementing either the Countdown or the Event Time in the Apple Watch complications, that would be awesome from a productivity standpoint. As for the drive time to an event, that’s implemented very well; however, when you have not assigned a location to an event, it just shows a car with no data underneath it.... These little things can make a big difference from a usability standpoint, so if Timepage can begin implementing these things as part of their app, that will begin to make me further consider subscribing to their service.
  • Good app but has some function issues

    By Starsigma
    Overall I really like this app and have used it as my primary organization calendar for work on a daily basis. The main feature I don’t like on the app is the fact that the option to add an event or activity to the calendar is not available to you. Unless you go to the specific day in question. Unlike most organization apps there is no + at the top to add a new event. You always have to find a day, go to it, then hit the option to add in order to put something on your calendar. Is also not very easy to get back to the current day once you scroll thru the overview pages that shows all events. You basically had to swipe up until you get back to the main date or on the left page choose the date to go back to the overview page. It’s a good concept but has some basic functionality that would make it a lot easier to use if the steps weren’t there. I also don’t like the fact that the reminders app and the calendar app you have to sync them together but you can’t add a reminder while you’re in the calendar app. You shouldn’t have to have two separate apps pay for them separately and have them sync together it really adds extra steps to the process which makes it not as functional as it could be. Needs to be simplified a bit.
  • THAT’S elevating the iOS interface to the max!

    By :-) Louis
    This app is insane as far as the interface goes. You may think: “Why do I need another app just for my calendar, since I already have a native calendar app in iOS?” Well, because their interface is years, if not decades ahead of anything I’ve ever seen. They leverage swipes, 3D Touch, and everything an iPhone has to offer in ways that are just awesome. Honestly, it’s difficult to put into words how incredibly well designed, and FUNCTIONAL this app is. You have to experience it for yourself. Caveat: you need to dedicate some time to learning what gesture does what. There are gestures for a light touch, for a 3D Touch, for a swipe left or right, here or there... But it all is worth it. Sounds and feedback are somehow “gratifying”. Makes you feel like the phone “gets” what you just did. Again, it’s hard to put it into words. You have to dedicate some time to learning the interface and playing with it. But once you do, oh boy, you wish ALL other apps followed the same sleek interface. I’m paying their low fee and they deserved more. And no, I’m not a paid reviewer or advertiser. Believe me if you want to. But that’s my honest opinion. Try it yourself. Make sure to swipe and hear and feel how “tactile” and intuitive their interface is. Peace, be well everyone.
  • Adding people WITHOUT emailing them

    By Adeledrake
    The thing I (would have) liked most about this app is the easy adding of who is at an appointment. I sometimes want to refer back and remember names. BUT adding a name sends an invitation and there is no way to turn this off. Been waiting a long time (two years?) for this seemingly simple option. Still not using the app because it takes longer to enter appointments and there is little offsetting benefit for me without using the link to names. Update may 31, 2019 Thanks for responding but this is a non-response to the real issue. Of course I can manually type people’s names into the notes. Why should I have to when you have functionality that pulls names right out of my contacts? I want to list attendees in People BUT have the option whether or not to send invitations. Other people have asked for this specifically on your update request site and, for at least two years, you have promised to look into providing this capability OR given this ‘use notes’ no response. I am lowering my rating from three to two stars because very few enhancements are being delivered.
  • Life Changer

    I have alot of anxiety and distractions that happen in my fast pace life and I gotta say this app really gives me a sense of structure everyday. Allows me to feel productive even for the simplest things. This app will inevitably create a habit of being more productive. - @abnygroup
  • Beautiful Calendar but...

    By MikeDGA
    This is a beautiful app, but it’s innate bugginess bothers me. First it’s very slow, especially when you repeat events. Syncing between devices seems slow at best - suspect at best. I’ve gone back to Fantastical after hoping that this app would improve over the year that I’ve used it.
  • Add family calendar!!

    By darlingnikkip
    Nicest calendar layout. Would be great to have family calendar option!!
  • No thank you

    By Dannie.J
    Really nice looking app. Downloaded it and immediately saw it’s a paid app. No thank you. Uninstalled.
  • Great app

    By MGreene74
    Easy to use. Efficient. Thanks.
  • It’s good

    By lemder mike b
    It’s good
  • Missing custom reminders, otherwise flawless

    By Heialfnegaizkfbeuaodjehwoxj
    I love this app for its slick visuals, easy use, and the General Moleskine cause. I do get frustrated that the reminder can’t be customized. Sometimes I want to be reminded an hour and a half before - one isn’t enough and two is too much.
  • Please fix Tentative appointments

    By Ghornet
    I have used this app for over a year now. It is beautiful and functional, but I will not pay for it anymore until they (finally!) fix the tentative appointment issues. When responding to a tentative appointment the appointment still sits there - forever - in unanswered. I have hundreds of these recurring appointments in there. Deal killer. Can’t be that hard to do what every other calendar app does!
  • Could be great but developers don’t care to fix major bugs

    By Kel3369
    I used to love this app until I went on night shift and had to enter my start time on one day and my finish time on the other. It made this app go nuts. It duplicates all my entries and the worst part is when I delete the extra entries they keep coming back! I’ve written support four times and not once have they responded. Yes it’s beautiful and has awesome features but omg these problems are maddening. Maybe support will see this and finally fix the problems. I’ll change my review if you do because without the bugs it’s great. I really want this to be fixed. It’s too expensive to be this bad.
  • 5 Star App

    By Ismael Gutz
    Totally worth supporting the dev for paid version
  • Amazing!!!

    By Radiostate
    Very cool.
  • Memberships?

    By a33mr
    Dude this app was really great and I depended on it sm but idk since when did it require membership to add a freakin plan or whatsoever it’s so annoying and disappointing that’s so unfortunate
  • Subscription

    By SaAlModa
    I paid for the app before the subscription model, and now I can't use it; because it needs monthly or yearly subscription. Weird!

    By DAT513
    5/12/19 Update:. Still love it. Still a bit buggy. It often won't let me scroll through dates. But thank you for fixing "repeat" problem. Your Customer Service is excellent!! Quickly responsive to every question I've submitted. Still my favorite Calendar app! Use it for business calendaring and syncs beautifully with my office's Outlook calendar. I've been using smart phones and PDAs since their inception. I have always had very busy business and personal schedules. I have used Microsoft Exchange for many years. I have tried virtually ever mobile Exchange app, including TouchDown (which was a very functional Outlook mobile app). Since switching to iOs about a year ago, I have since used my iPhone's native apps to sync with my Outlook. Its apps are serviceable However, Timepage elevates my access to my calendars to a level I never before imagined. Perfect syncing to both office and personal Ourlook calendars. But what I love most is how really cool this app works and looks. Very simple access; creative entry techniques and variables... Easily my favorite app in years. By the way, one reviewer complained that it took too long to open. Admittedly the native Calandar opens almost instantly. However, with two separately synced calendars in Timepage, mine takes less than 2 seconds to open. I don't mind the wait - it gives me time to balance my checkbook and grab a bite to eat. Wish list: 1. Please expand this app to include all Outlook fields (like TouchDown did for Android) and include tasks, notes and perhaps emails. Contacts not as important because if the way TimePage quickly grabs contact info from iPhone native Contact app. BTW, I would love to be a beta tester for your company. Also, I'm picking up your pen writing kit later this week from Best Buy. BTW, Part 2: why can't someone develope a native and integrated spell check app to use with email and texts (or with a keyboard app)????? We'd pay big bucks for such capabilities (worth it to avoid embarrassment).
  • Beautiful design and layout

    By Fan L33
    Exquisitely designed. High quality. I think this app looks really cool and is the best planner / calendar I’ve used.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Cganssle
    Subscribed for a year after trying it. Shows I paid for a subscription but does not come out of read only mode. Get an error message that says “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”. Canceled subscription and resubscribed... deleted and reinstalled... signed out and back in...nothing. Happening for both Timepage and Actions. Been waiting for support over a day.
  • Life Changing

    By a1steaksauce
    Now only if there was a Mac OS counterpart, I would live in this suite of apps. My only recommendation would be to have the ability to email content to automatically make new tasks. In other words, if I was able to take an email and directly import or otherwise convert it into an action. Did I mention, I’m loving it?!!!
  • The design is Awesome

    By GPortales
    The screens are incredible and the visuals are very professional! Almost perfect One question: Is there any way to have a visual alert when two events overlap? I need to review every single appointment to make sure that they do not overlap.

    By Karrissa.
    Only offers a free trial, then you have to pay monthly. Not worth it at all, no thank you.
  • Minor issue

    By davbran
    I don’t mind having both actions and time page, but good lord can the app at least clear my schedule when I’m past an event? Don’t take it from the calendar, it’s like a journal, but take it off the widget ... my widget shouldn’t be telling me about my event from 2pm this afternoon at 11:39pm tonight, just saying. Apart from that, to be frank, I really only use the apps for the widgets. I tend to manage my calendar with a different calendar app, but your widgets are amazing. I don’t mind having a calendar which is my base calendar system, with a front end like Timepage, and using another app for a back end entries.
  • Best Calendar

    By Zinbadddsd
    I’ve looked for years for the perfect calendar app. I used the native iOS app for a while, but saw this at the apple store while waiting for a repair. It was installed on one of their devices and hooboyyyy I haven’t looked back. The whole family uses it now. Best.
  • Many great things , some bad as well

    By UnstoppableLift
    The look and fee of this calendar is amazing. I love the way it handles scheduling of events. I also love the drive time estimates and weather updates. One thing that makes zero sense is the way you have to schedule reminders on events. In order to get to say, “one day before,” you have to flip through 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour etc etc. Why not put this on a slider just like the time of day selection? For an app that focuses so much on ease of use and slickness I can’t believe that the developers think that this is a good design. It almost feels like they ran out of time and just went with whatever they had to get it released. The developer got back to me and informed me they are working on redesigning this section. Plus 1 star just for the great communication from the developer. Thanks!
  • Gorgeous app!

    By ";8,w
    I tried about 4 apps at once with a certain set days and tasks to input into each. Timepage was immediately visually way way more appealing. A dark background is an option that’s helps me see all my data so much easier. The simple color dots are easy to differentiate what I’m doing that day, and are so non intrusive!! I love the navigation and the actual features in the task options. There are so many options for so many different people, something the other apps didn’t have in any good measure! Subscription became a necessity and now I think I’ll use this for years to come!
  • glitchy

    By St1ac2ey3
    Update: I’m seriously getting ready to delete this app. I refuse to pay for something that doesn’t work. I’ve just tried FIVE TIMES to add an event to my calendar and NOTHING. Nothing there. So I can’t add anything to the calendar and the reminders are glitching. Lots of nice features. The reminder feature is extremely buggy. Barely touch it and it adds multiple reminders. When I swipe in one direction it will jump in the opposite direction. When I finally get it to stop and sit on the reminder option I want and save it, it shows a totally different set of reminder options on the main event itself under the reminders. 🤬 So reminders is useless. And I’d love to have either more set options for reminders by the days or allow me to set the days manually. It goes from one day to a week. That’s a huge jump! How about a 2 or 3 day reminder?
  • Calendar invite reply is looping

    By thinkmilly
    I accidentally replied to a work invite and now it’s looping it’s Can’t send reply message ad-nauseam. I’ve deleted the app and it still going. I looked in both Mail and Outlook and can’t find the place where it might be trying to send it from. Help?
  • Love the app

    By sccer36
    It’s my my go to calendar/Task app Thank you!
  • Not going 2 pay

    By Lulu1975$
    Why in the world am i going to pay monthly? It works better than other calendars, but the others are free.
  • One of my all time favourite apps

    By Cherlockianne
    I rely on this app on a daily basis, I have been using it for a long time and I honestly cannot imagine my life without it. This app is a definite must, I love everything about it.
  • Great app

    By Kmartel3
    I guess more color options would be good and if there was possible to go farther back in time with the calendar like most calendars allow you to do.
  • Keeping Commitments

    By FollowThe Sun
    This app is my answer to scheduling commercial account appointments and showing up for them. This was an ongoing nuisance, because quite honestly, I could not figure out how to make my Google calendar work for me. This little app works so well and is so easy. The daily briefing, daily weather, how long it’s going to take to get to where I’m going, are incredibly helpful for me. This is definitely a favorite app of mine :-)
  • New Update

    By SamanthieC is angry
    Time page is starting to cost money, before it didn’t have any costs. It isn’t as useful anymore since you have to pay. Now you can just use the calendar app or another free calendar app.
  • Best Calendar App... just needs one more thing...

    By Drummerr24
    You won't find a better calendar/planning app on the App Store. Love it. Worth the payment to be able to use long-term. The companion app (Actions) is nice as well. This app is well thought out. You can see your schedule in different helpful ways, you can see weather for a day or whole week. You can adjust events in so many ways. It's professional and elegant. The design and craftsmanship is simply classic Moleskine work. Imagine taking the elegance, simplicity, and character of a classic Moleskine notebook and applying it to a calendar app... This is it. My one and only wish/complaint: make the app available on Mac. Actions, too. It would be SO useful.
  • Outstanding

    By &(9;&378848447382847
    This app has changed me and my daily routine! I wake up (on time) and do things in orderly fashion. I used to be unaware of certain events but now with this life-saving app, I’m able to control my schedule!!! Thanks!
  • Everything is perfect... except

    By Truenosantix
    Actions & TimePage are must-haves. I dislike the TimePage app on the Apple Watch. The icon is not attractive, there needs to be calendar within the AW App as well as support for all watch face complications.
  • It’s Good but not the Best

    By Devon2v
    I was testing a few different calendar apps and this one won for its simplicity and design. I wanted a calendar that was easy to read and to use and I found it with this. What I don’t like is that adding tasks requires a separate app, which you also have to subscribe to. I feel it would be more efficient to tap + and add either and event or task. That’s the biggest fault for me. I do have a few suggestions. If someone enters the words “Birthday” or “Anniversary” it would be useful to have that automatically set to repeat annually. As for the UI, two-color themes would be nice, and maybe the option to set a different color for each month or week. Finally, the colored dots that indicate which calendar a event comes from could be more visible. I can barely differentiate between them. That’s all folks.
  • Lose past appointment

    By realclick
    Lose all appointments greater than 90 days and unable to find way to correct
  • Greedy

    By thisisnotmyfirsthandle
    I paid for this years ago before they introduced a subscription model, now it doesn’t even work without a subscription! Never was great, often buggy. Never again will I buy any Moleskin product, including their famous notebooks.
  • PERFECT only except for one thing.

    By Chloe27h
    The design is magnificent and it works well, but whenever I mark an event on a certain day, it keeps coloring other days in other months which have no events at all just because they have the same number. It’s bothered me so much...
  • Fantastic App

    By SueLion2
    Great. Love it.
  • Great app, not sure if I’d pay for it (grandfathered in from one-time purchase)

    By Adrian & Rebecca
    I love this app, it’s beautiful and works well with Actions, which I am subscribed to. I have a free account by virtue of having bought the app back when it was a paid app. I am very pleased that I haven’t been forced to pay for subscription yet, not sure if I’d pay for it, but it is a beautiful app and makes scheduling things a relative joy.