Google Wifi

Google Wifi

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-08-30
  • Current Version: 2.23
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 70.96 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 265


The Google Wifi app lets you set up and control your Google Wifi points or OnHub right from your mobile device. It puts you in control of your network -- easily share your Wi-Fi password, see what devices are online, prioritize them for better performance, or pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices. The app also provides insights to help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi. Here’s what you can do with the Google Wifi app: • Set up your Google Wifi system or OnHub in just a few minutes • Prioritize a device for faster speeds when it matters most • Pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices • See what’s connected to your network and how much bandwidth you’re using • Create a separate network for your guests • Run a network check to test your connection speed • Make changes to your settings, such as your Wi-Fi network name and password • Add a network manager who can help you monitor your Wi-Fi




    By racollins3
    The UI is clunky and not intuitive. You have to go thru a host of menus to get to schedules or rules.
  • Bad wifi service and the app

    By subee24
    Of course the app doesn't work when network data is down. Almost all the wifi troubleshooting options are pointless. A very rough experience to use the app
  • It works

    By UXPolice
    Just feels outdated

    By Reality.Fears
    don’t download it.
  • Not happy!

    By Wifism
    I've had this google wifi system for about 3years. The app for the phone is absolutely horrible, does not open, does not update. Not happy at all. Thumbs down!!!
  • Horrible

    By AJ#9
    Probably the worst experience I have a ever had with a tech product. The WiFi is very sensitive and if you change one thing the entire network falls apart. I got a new router and that did it - the mesh network fails and I have been on with google help for a couple of weekends - if you learn anything from reading this, then you will know to steer clear of this product- will leave you extremely frustrated and out about $300. On the positive side, when it does work it makes a difference; the problem- it is offline more than it is online.
  • A LAZY attempt at an app

    By Acrobatic
    This app could be so much more. Instead, it’s lazy output that is either an underperforming team at Google, or a product that’s just barely on life support. It could be so much more with a better interface, clearer commands, or intuitive controls. Instead, to do anything, you have to fumble around and just hope you get something right.
  • The best for me so far

    By Roger318
    I’ve tried almost all of them,they don’t even come close how beautiful this device work... Very reliable... Netgear does an ok job... Google wi-fi reigns supreme,others like repeaters are all junk,they should be illegal to sell... Try it,don’t get disappointed when you don’t know how to install it,if you can’t install it at first,do like I did,go watch YouTube and oh,boy!!! I worked like a well oiled machine... OMG!!! I bought from a guy on Craigslist and I thought they were faulty because I bought them in a set of three,with great price,usually they sell for $80 a piece and the guy sold me for $150 for three of them because I’m assuming he could install them correctly,so lucky me... Also they’re very durable. Cheers!!!
  • So Many Issues and Old School Ideas, You Forget It’s From Google

    By JasonRandall27
    You can pause a device for an hour but you can’t unpause a device for an hour? I’d love to have parental features like on almost any other wifi unit that say my kid can have internet from 7p-9p every day. A schedule system. Also, the app will pick up the same one device two or three times, and you have to pause/unpause all of them... or.. it won’t show at all. The kids have found an easy workaround. You simply name your device something else, and BOOM, free WiFi. It doesn’t even look at the IP. For a $300 unit, it’s pretty lackluster compared to most mesh systems.
  • Works great, but standard features require reduction of privacy

    By el walto
    The router works as advertised, but in order to get device reporting on your network, family controls, or QoS, you have to enable cloud services which shares device info with Google. Considering routers have done such features locally for years, I have to assume this is a dark pattern specifically designed to force folks to reduce their privacy if they wish to use their router with those features which are table stakes for any router these days. If those features are important to you and you do not wish to share info with google about the devices on your network, I’d suggest you get a different router. Lucky for us, using the basic functions of wifi and guest networking are all we need.
  • Features don’t work

    By BrotherOfPrimeRib
    I spent over an hour attempting to do something very simple: change from PPPoE to DHCP. Followed every instruction on the app to the “T” and still couldn’t. Reset the AP, restarted phone and app. None of this worked. Finally some obscure Redit user commented that this feature doesn’t work in iOS devices, and required an Android device. Sure enough, he was right. This is absolutely unacceptable that an app from a company of this size is so incomplete and misleading. Even a small pop up to say that a specific feature is not available would be better, rather than wasting hours trying to follow simple instructions. I wonder if there is no QA or UAT that this app goes thru? Ridiculous. Please fix.
  • Used to be good

    By rogerioassaddias
    Since last app update the mesh is terrible and the app even more! You screwed it up!
  • App just doesn’t work

    By Apfeli
    The Google Nest WiFi is, in concept, freaking awesome. Problem is, they have short shrift to iOS users. To use parental controls, you need to toggle back and forth between the Google WiFi and Google Home apps. Neither is really intuitive to use on its own, and it’s a nightmare to have to stitch the features together to manage your network. The WiFi is great, but it’s infuriating to not know why the app just isn’t saving changes only to figure out an hour later that you could have saved it if you used the other app, which no one rational would have actually expected, and the apps don’t even have similar interfaces It’s like the hardware, software, and app development teams all got their assignments, got drunk, went their separate ways, never communicated or collaborated, completed their tasks, turned them in, and no one ever tested for compatibility
  • This app crashes on every update for over 3 years

    By Deer track design
    This app constant crashes or loses my Info. Every time I got to check my internet or do anything I have to set up the app and my account. I would think these high paid developers can build a good app but it seems this is basically an MVP for over 3 years. Please get it together or i will can all of my entire mesh system and find another company
  • NEW!!! Now Broken!

    By ghubbs
    Since last update- app is not usable. Says network is offline (internet still works as expected). Download speed intact. What are you even doing google?
  • Very buggy

    By dolce far niente
    The app is very buggy and crashes The Wi-Fi mesh is even worse Waste of big dollars Going to try TPLink mesh
  • Orange light stays blinking

    By bad product by Google
    May have received faulty product. Orange light continues to blink and this app/phone is unable to locate the WiFi point. Unreliable!
  • Garbage

    By TheGreatMeMeMe
    The test of a product’s design is not when it works — it’s how it makes you feel when it doesn’t work. My WiFi node isn’t pairing. I am following every direction. The app keeps searching for it, and finds nothing. This is not acceptable. Tell me specifically why it’s not finding this node and adding it to my mesh.
  • Needs improvement

    By scriptures99
    App gets stuck on “looking for devices” in an endless loop for google onhub with latest software. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall for it to work. Compared to amazon eero which worked flawlessly and didn’t hiccup. I hope software updates will fix this.. I like the onhub, however this should be fixed.
  • Bug

    By Gsnsjaid
    Can’t even open the app because it crashes every time no matter what I do
  • Quite useful but

    By SteveBurneo
    How is it possible that google doesn’t have a search for devices in the network ? How is it that Google doesn’t have a backup restore configuration in case of failure ? Google is awesome in search and backup stuff and this product app lacking from this features is unacceptable. Please upgrade so I can upgrade my hardware with google and not having to configure everything all over
  • Very disappointed

    By Mina321123
    Bad service. Bad customer service. No one know how to fix a problem many people complained about. Not recommended at all
  • Flaky At Best

    By Mark W 40
    Google, when are you going to fix your app stability issues? It’s awful. I’ve had gWifi about 3 years and I’m about to trash it. Don’t release a mainstream commercial product unless you’re willing to stand behind it. Read the reviews and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Fix it or give us a refund from your massive cash printing machine.
  • Cannot fund devices

    By raj oak
    Cannot find pucks - app says no device connected but network is on - painful
  • WiFi is great, app is garbage

    By superlarry
    I always have to try everything about 10 times before it'll work in the app. So frustrating. I wish Apple still made routers
  • Same problems as others

    By JohnSays
    App can’t connect to network. Terminate app and then restart doesn’t help. Restarting phone doesn’t help. I unplug y’all devices and the cable modem and that may work. I may have to do it again. Also, I detest the app’s minimalist design. The small icons and the hidden functionality. Each time I use it, I have to hunt around on it. Obviously designed by kids straight out of programming school that wished they had gotten a job with Apple.
  • Good Mesh, but come on Google

    By RedLikeFire
    I love the WiFi. Let me start with that. But the app is missing critical functionality, like things they say it can do. It’s Google. I love Google. But the app shows nothing connected despite DEFINITELY having 18 devices on the WiFi, and worse of all, two are my kids’ iPads. Goodness. I have no control over their “schedule” or “limitations,” other than what I’ve set on their iPads. Want them to go to bed? Take the iPad away. When at one point I could see and schedule them, if I interrupted the schedule, it wouldn’t reactivate despite showing they are “paused” in the app. They were definitely watching YouTube Kids for hours after they weren’t supposed to have internet anymore. Interesting. Basically, this app has made me a better parent, because I learned that I can’t trust it to control my kids’ access of the internet. So, thanks Google for that. And, the WiFi is good, unless you hardwire tether one to another to extend the range outside the “WiFi” recommended range. Yes, I’m using CAT6. Google.
  • Not very user friendly.

    By DonDeaton
    Schedules for the kids is Clunky. And they stop Working. I can’t delete the schedule and start over.
  • By now it’s too late to warn you google hardware is garbage

    By Car Analogy
    The star rating on this app should clue you in. Return your product if it’s not too late. Use any other vendor, I beg you. Google makes garbage, and they abandon it quickly. Specifically, nothing works. It takes ten minutes for any change to take effect. As typical with google, you get what they give you or it’s broken. Can’t turn off google cloud services. Can’t change dns setting. The purpose of google WiFi products is to spy on you.
  • Disappointing

    By Surveillance 2019
    I thought google WiFi would be a reliable WiFi! It has only created issues. I do not recommend and I removed the app.
  • Abuse

    By Pop Hogie pop
  • Stopped working

    By Pablo.Chavez
    I'm connected to the previously well set-up wifi network but for some reason this app show the network as offline. So I can't make any changes in the network configuration. What a disaster.
  • Family wifi just stopped working

    By Wolverine1995
    Used to work fine. Now the schedule is “on”, but the devices on the list were not showing as paused even thought the list was paused. Further more, we have one computer that gets a new MAC address every single day (I don’t know how that is possible) so it is impossible to block more than one time.
  • App does not work

    By lakepaperboy
    App worked fine for the first month and then it keeps showing that the network is offline but the WiFi is working. I have tried resetting everything but it still shows that it is offline when I open it
  • Add “New Device Connected” notification

    By Last Week iPhone Newbie
    Please make the app send me a notification that a new device was added to my network. Then, I can instantly be aware of the new device and use my Google WiFi controls to shut down the device immediately or authorize it. I discovered that a family member has been circumventing my screen time and internet control measures by adding a different device, a Nintendo DS, to my WiFi. If I had been notified that a new device was connected or added to my network, that would have caused me to find out about it and take immediate action. My WiFi is password protected, the main network account and the guest account. But password protection does not help with notifying me when my family member decides to connect a different and unknown device to my network without my knowledge or permission.
  • This application seems to have been abandoned by Google

    By jrasmussen0
    I am not able to successfully group devices into Kid’s labels successfully on an iPhone. I hope that the software works better on an Android phone because there is no web interface to make WiFi configurations. The software seems like it was well designed and conceived but it seems like little bugs keep showing up. You cannot remove devices from a label unless you have less devices than one screen’s worth. You cannot have a device be a part of two labels and if you delete a label to remove all devices then you have to wait a day or longer to reattach to another label.
  • One of the slowest, most infuriating apps you will ever use

    By George Snuffleupagus
    To begin with, every action in this app is incredibly slow. Part of the reason is it constantly subjects you to long animations, even for actions as simple as opening a different menu. You have to sit there and watch the stupid material design swooshes and waves—no skipping! Worse, the app is riddled with bugs, so steps like adding a WiFi point will often simply fail. This means you will have to sit through these long sequences of steps, each with its own pointless un-skippable animation, several times to successfully complete an action.
  • Doesn’t deserve Google name on it.

    By Boyoon
    I have three Google WiFi points at home, and this app can’t talk to them. It always says “my network is offline” while the internet works fine. The tech support guy blamed Spectrum cable modem for blocking their packets. All my security cameras and thermostat are working fine with the same cable modem. How come Google WiFi points can’t? Very disappointed.
  • ;(

    By Andy6Y6yJ
    How to block someone?
  • Horrible

    By Zecheru
    This is a terrible app
  • App on iOS is buggy!!

    By akritori
    The WiFi Router and the WiFi points are great, still working, but the iPhone App shows them all greyed out, as if offline. Something is horribly wrong with this app!!
  • Let itself go

    By Michael6432
    This app was maybe a 3.5 out of 5 when I first purchased Google WiFi 3 years ago, but Google has clearly moved on to “better things” and isn’t supporting this product the way they should be. It’s terrible that I can’t even manage my Wifi anymore because the app is so buggy. What am I supposed to do with hundred of dollars of routers if the app is worthless?
  • Bandwidth Allocation

    By Rimshak
    We need the ability to allocate bandwidth to specific devices. Please, not everyone has gigabit internet. We need to utilize what little internet we have in rural areas. Being able to limit upload speeds on certain devices is a desperately needed feature.
  • Google wifi

    By Vntwon
    Live the app. Very easy to manage devices and other features. Would love to see it be compatible with the new iPad pro2020 screen. Other than that best app for managing wifi ports
  • Won’t allow devices to be added to labels anymore

    By Pen_22
    I love my Google WiFi’s speed and reliability but the won’t allow me to add devices to labels to pause internet. In addition, while there is all kinds of support documentation, it’s worthless since the info is not updated.
  • just why?

    By sofeigh
    good app but i simply don’t get the need for the device pausing feature. it makes life hell for kids with really strict parents and while other teens are up late face timing friends and binging shows and movies the kids of parents using this app will be forced to hang up suddenly and the next morning say “sorry my phone died and i got really tired”. every day. let’s face it: teens stay up late. they can sleep in too now because of coronavirus. bedtime wifi pausing isn’t necessary anymore and just condones the ideas of stricter and more controlling rules that some parents will enforce.
  • Unreadable internet speed history

    By Christopher.Snay
    This app is an embarrassment for Google on iPad OS. A non-tablet app. It's obvious they do not pay attention to it as there are activities that don't even display correctly.
  • not happy

    By atimb
    No meaningful updates for a year now. The new nest wifi is managed thru the Google Home app and my existing google wifi system can only thru this more and more outdated app.
  • Not useable

    By Kitsyuk
    Boy where do I start? Router is offline Can’t be reconnected to network Completely useless. I’m moving on as far as I can from Google