Google Wifi

Google Wifi

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-08-30
  • Current Version: 2.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 70.11 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 037


The Google Wifi app lets you set up and control your Google Wifi points or OnHub right from your mobile device. It puts you in control of your network -- easily share your Wi-Fi password, see what devices are online, prioritize them for better performance, or pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices. The app also provides insights to help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi. Here’s what you can do with the Google Wifi app: • Set up your Google Wifi system or OnHub in just a few minutes • Prioritize a device for faster speeds when it matters most • Pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices • See what’s connected to your network and how much bandwidth you’re using • Create a separate network for your guests • Run a network check to test your connection speed • Make changes to your settings, such as your Wi-Fi network name and password • Add a network manager who can help you monitor your Wi-Fi



  • App not synchronizing

    By texmexlcdr
    App shows google WiFi is down, but WiFi signal and internet access working perfectly well. Even set bedtimes for kids shutting on and off on the correct time. All WiFi points show light blue light display led when everything is working fine. Unfortunately if app shows no internet, you can’t change any settings/schedules for the mesh network.
  • Guest Network settings not persistent

    By bass330
    I am able to setup a guest network but if I turn it off, and later turn it back on, I need to recreate it ( set ssid name and password). Otherwise it’s great to be able to remotely manage the router.
  • Crappy update Nov 2019

    By stevepetersonsmail
    I have had google Wi-Fi for a couple of years. It worked well for a long time. I have On-hub as the main point, one wired Google wi-fi point and 3 other wireless google Wi-Fi points. In November of 2019 the kept showing offline on the app. And some would flash red. After countless network resets I deleted the entire network and started over. Some of the points were difficult to add and took multiple tries. Eventually I got them all working and the app showed excellent mesh coverage and speed. The next day and ever since it shows all the google Wi-Fi points offline. Even the wired one shows offline. The network seems to be working fine most of the time but the app is not. We still have certain Wi-Fi points that periodically turn red for a few minutes then go back to blue. I have had to turn off the Wi-Fi on my phone several times and use cell data because the Wi-Fi connection is wonky. Come on google - get these issues fixed. I’m a couple weeks away from getting rid of the whole set up and going to a Ubiquiti system.
  • Ugh

    By Benjamin Sal
    I hate parental restrictions 😞
  • Fix your App

    By Karen77881144232
    So many bugs, very slow, occasionally kick devices off WiFi for no reason
  • Definitely needs work!

    By rgdud
    It works, sort of. Every node I installed had to be done several times before it “took”. Also, it seems that the app needs to be connected to the cellular system in order to install the nodes properly. Not sure about that, but seems to be the case. This seems to explain the variations in reviews of the app. If you have a good cellular connection everything works fine if you don’t you’ve got problems! My cellular connection is marginal. Overall, the mesh network works very well, but the app needs improvement! Added: Works well. Only persistent issue that’s driving us crazy.... regularly looses connection to our printer causing our computers to assume “printer is offline”! Really irritating! Did not have this problem prior to google mesh network. Have set IP address to “fixed” but that did not work. Right now have to reboot the printer for almost any use. Note that google “support” is mostly about sales... for example click on “developer website” and see if you can find help. But the mesh works well... 🥴
  • It's so JANKY

    By BigDickMcGeeGeez
    I'm a college student so the google wifi seemed like a pretty good option. It was cheap and easy to use. However, a lot of the time on the app it will say my network is offline although i'm on the network. Another problem you can run into is the wifi point just disconnecting from the internet while you're in the middle of something. Also if you plan on my playing games on it from your xbox you're more than likely to have to setup a guest network and play on that connection instead of youre main one as for some reason the guest wifi is 100% of the time a stronger connection.
  • Used to be good.. not so much anymore

    By CWB722
    I wish I knew what happened. Initial install was easy last year and my coverage seemed great for a few months. But then the app would report the system offline and it really wasn’t. Then the app would prompt for a retest which I did. This happened randomly every other month or so- inconvenient but acceptable. Now the worst has happened. I upgraded my iphone 7 to an iphone 11. When I tried to login to the app on the new phone, it would not recognize the new phone. It asked me to reenter my email and password. Still no recognition. I asked to reset the password. Google emailed me that there was no account associated with my email. I called and spoke to support. There is no product associated with my email-HUH?? I have been using the mesh network for over a year- this is my only email. So now I am literally locked out of the app with no way back in. When the system goes down there will be no way to reestablish it, unless maybe if I unplug and restart the whole thing from scratch with a NEW email address. GARBAGE!!!!!!
  • Pretty worthless.

    By ahearnpaints
    Can’t get help when needed. You are supposed to be able to set up times to pause the internet - like at bedtime so your children don’t have internet access on certain devices during certain times. Problem is, you can’t add any devices to the lists so you end up with lists of nothing that are pausing nothing. There’s not much worth in this app. I have sent multiple requests for assistance and have yet to hear back from anyone.
  • Forced firmware updates with critical issues

    By wasabicoder
    On 10/31 our google WiFi devices automatically received firmware 12371.52.22. Immediately after receiving the update I experienced an issue where I could no longer see chromecast devices in my home unless my phone was also connected to the same node as the chromecast. This was widely reported by hundreds of users on Reddit and Google forums with Google acknowledging the issue after about 24 hours. 8 days later and they still haven’t fixed it, which means even if you buy into the Google ecosystem fully you still don’t have a working home network. I can’t believe they don’t test their own products together. It’s also unforgivable to force a broken firmware update on users and offer no way to roll back or opt out. I understand that firmware updates are important for security, but compatibility should be the number one priority.
  • Schedules don’t work

    By MGM23456
    Very frustrating to set schedules and half the time doesn’t work
  • App says network is offline but it’s not

    By Geronimode
    I’m connected to my network now... and the app tells me it’s offline. I can’t do anything with this app any longer.
  • What happened?

    By joeymc1984
    This was always great until the last update (2.15). Ever since this update I have had bad connections on the two that aren’t directly connected to the land line. Makes the system useless... I loved having it so I could have decent WiFi throughout the house but now the other two just never work! Worse than my regular modem/router by itself now.
  • Avg features for the price

    By skotrika
    Need more ports, Not a lot of features on speed control or parental controls. You need to enable Google wifi cloud services and share your data, otherwise all the features of the app will be disabled.
  • Should not be limited to app-only

    By jjsellers89
    I cannot understand why there is not at least a WebUI to manage my mesh. As a network administrator, I am not a fan of managing network changes from an app on a smart device. This app is buggy at times when attempting to make LAN changes, such as custom IP/DNS modifications.
  • Bug after update

    By sbrcr267
    After most recent update the app says the network is down but I’m currently using it to write this review!
  • Unstable and non-functional

    By Skinntirez
    Literally does not work. I hope your reading this before you went out and bought their hardware.
  • Upset with looking the device

    By vertupset. very angry
    It took so much time to look for the device, then when coming to connect but it dropped out suddenly or stay in looking for the device without stopping. I felt so upset then decided to crush in to the wall. Thank for the modernest company in the world.
  • Wish they’d come out with more features

    By Goodappreviews
    Solid app though.
  • Can.t change pppoe settings on ios

    By Derrick van Nie
    Impossible to get your PPPOE settings changed
  • It’s good but....

    By Apsilon
    Needs a bit more beef in the features area such as vpn support, anti bloating , iPad app support, metering for instance would be nice to have added seeing the system does cost a lot to start.
  • Offline

    By Belo183
    Worked for months, now the WiFi is always shows offline despite my WiFi working just fine.
  • Very limited

    By critiqueposter
    Can't block someone that isn't actively connected. Can't block IP addresses or ranges. No history of connected devices.
  • Poor responsive

    By ManchuLegend
    I had the hardest time setting up the WiFi network because the app was slow to respond or did not respond. Very frustrating!! I generally love all google products but this app is the worse
  • Horrible app and support

    By Lilith Sparks
    I can no longer manage devices on my google Wifi network. It’s basically non functional from a management standpoint. I contacted support and chatted with a tech for 1.5 hours who then abruptly said he spent too much time with me and had to move on to another customer and disconnected me. The is the worst service I’ve experience from a tech company and I’ve been in the business for 25 years. Google - get your act together.
  • Offline

    By naser aldaham
    The app always show that the wifi is offline!
  • Offline

    By Tim R&S
    Keeps saying the AP is offline but never comes back online. The internet works, I can connect through my Onhub and get full speeds. So why does it show offline? I have to reboot it to fix it. Kinda pointless. May be time to switch.
  • Worst WiFi system

    By jjjeismdbd
    4 hours of calls later I had to return and exchange for orbi... AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  • Wifi Works Great - App Is Garbage

    By SiSeeSea
    Every time that I open the app to manage my WiFi, the ONLY option available is Set Up. Then it does the thing with the three rooms getting bigger and smaller for 5 - 10 minutes only to error out saying that it can’t find my device. The WiFi is up and running and my device is connected to it, so why does the app keep trying to set it up? Very frustrating.
  • Wish I could give it 0 star

    By Atapril
    Tried everything. Cannot connect.
  • Tells me I’m offline when I’m online!

    By DenCimm
    Excellent when it works.
  • Google WiFi

    By VbMe
    This app may be good for some people, but it couldn’t even find my device after numerous, numerous times of trying. So to me it is useless I guess.
  • Worst router ever!

    By Walter.Z.Wang
    The router gets disconnected from internet when there is uploading traffic every single time! My download speed is 100 mbps while upload is 3 mbps. After change it to a TP link, it works perfectly with 100 mbps upload and download. Will never try google Wifi again!
  • No ipad app

    By sister helena
    No iPad app except an iPhone version. Seriously?
  • Started working fine then stopped

    By J2739
    The app was ok for about 3-4 months then it stopped working saying that the network was offline when it was working. Most buttons don’t do anything anymore
  • Is this from google ?

    By Sarah newmann 1975
    I can’t believe google put its name on this stupid app !!!! You may have bought this from someone but change it pls. I can’t even use this app - looks like someone with ZERO product experience designed the flow. I want Larry Page try this.
  • Works great

    By IanSundog
    Very easy to set up new network. Everything working great.
  • App keeps dropping offline

    By ElmerWoodsman
    Wifi works but app keeps dropping offline rendering it useless. Support had me reinstall and worked briefly before dropping again.
  • Can not connect to my network

    By Pro App Creators
    Bought the Costco deal and the first pod couldn’t connect to my modem properly. Been using an Apple router for years, no problem and I’ve setup many routers over the years with very minimal issues. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way to troubleshoot either other than I guess to call them and be on the phone for hours. After almost an hour of my time working with it I’m returning it.
  • App is Horrible

    By DelawareD
    Great wifi system, but horrible iOS app. Couldn't get wifi to set up with iPhone. Rebooted everything several times. Always hung. Then used wife's Android phone/app - setup worked great,
  • Requires google sign in

    By cfy;
    Additionally, this doesn’t appear to support a wifi network that is disconnected from the internet.
  • Broken ability to modify WAN static IP

    By Humble BondServant
    This product has so many great features but please fix the ability to modify the WAN static IP address settings.
  • Not what it was.

    By dilnel
    Goggle Wifi was great when I first got it but recently it’s seems to be getting bad. I have 5 pucks and never had an issue. If anything, my unit in my garage was weak but still good. Now nothing has changed and I try to run the mesh test and all points are failing. I ran a WiFi scan using another app and found that google Wifi is locking into channels that are in use around me as opposed to locking to an open channel. The app and system does not allow you to change the Wifi channel so this is not good and really creating an issue as it is now knocking my cameras offline. I am hoping this is just a software bug that is fixed soon and my system will go back to normal. I hate to think that I may have to go to a competitor and spend more money after spending plenty on google Wifi.
  • Great hardware, cluster of a UX for an app

    By jonmadison
    The interface is a labyrinth of settings, with only a single path to get to many that are not easily leaned or remembered. Then, sometimes things just don’t seem to work (device priority I’m looking at you, placebo feature) I’ve paid my money for this so long ago that I’m not too upset but writing this review is starting to get me mad all over again so I’ll stop
  • Great usability, poor performance

    By x8c9s47d3r
    The user friendliness of Google’s mesh router and app is pretty good. Easy configuration and adding additional routers is fairly straightforward. If I used only one single router I would give it 5 stars. On my 300/300 FiOS with a single Google router I get the full FiOS bandwidth and super low latency on WiFi. But when I add additional mesh routers, bandwidth and latency suffer quite a bit. I’m ok with a small mesh penalty but what I see with Google mesh is too much for my taste. Other systems can do much better.
  • Worst Wifi

    By RutajP
    Trash trash trash don’t get google wifi at all.
  • Intermittent Slowness lately

    By Mark - Wisdom From Dads Host
    Loved and recommended this device for a while. The App needs more featured (advanced). But now I have been debugging slow WiFi with fast wired speeds and rebooting only main Google puck fixes issue. I see many are seeing this same issue, from my research it may be from having 5 pucks and their cross talk Messing up WiFi (dropping major packets ). Please debug and fix Google 👍
  • Very confusing setup.

    By allthenamesaretakel0l
    When I was trying to setup wifi points, the app only connected to one point and it took me longer to setup than it should have.
  • Awesome

    By iheartcats374736/
    This app is awesome!! It was extremely easy to set up my WiFi points and I get insane download speed!!😀 I love Google WiFi and the Google WiFi app. It lets me control everything!!